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4 Easy Solutions For Common Kitchen Cleaning Struggles

Minimal effort, maximum impact!

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Out of all the areas at home, the kitchen is probably the most tedious to clean. Whether it's grease build-up, moldy grout, or tough stains, you can find it in there. 

While we have no problem making sure our cooking corners are in tip-top shape, not all of us have the luxury of time to deep clean it all the time. Daily maintenance can be a struggle—especially if you have a punishing work schedule. 

If you're looking for smart hacks you can do in minutes, look no further, we've listed down the four most common dilemmas and quick solutions you can try! 

Your kitchen cabinets are looking a little tired. 

Since we use it all the time, kitchen cabinets are prone to a lot of elements like grease, dust, and even moisture—causing them to look worn-out quickly. Keep your cabinets spotless by cleaning it with warm soapy water—at least once every two weeks.

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Your refrigerator doesn't smell as fresh as you want it to be. 

As much as we want to keep our refrigerators in mint condition all the time, instances when it reeks of garlic or spoiled food are inevitable. Aside from sorting your produce regularly, try soaking a cotton ball in vanilla or citrus and place it in different spots within the ref to help it smell crisp again.

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Fruit flies keep entering your home. 

Unfortunately, opening the windows in your kitchen to let the cool breeze in also provides an entrance for fruit flies to prey on stored food and spread bacteria everywhere. To keep them away, wipe down stovetops with mineral oil and use soapy water to disinfect countertops once a week. 

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You're dealing with stubborn stains. 

Instead of spending a lot on chemical cleaners, seek all-natural products that you can find at home that can do the job too. A great non-toxic ingredient is vinegar—it can be used to remove all sorts of stains and deodorizes, too! 

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