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4 Colors for a Kid’s Room

Create a bright and cheery vibe in your little tot's space


The colors of your child’s room can affect and influence their mood and behavior. It can also stimulate a growing kid's mind and encourage creativity. As you choose a certain color palette, make sure that the color scheme transforms their room into a happy space that is suitable to their needs. 

Main photos by Miguel Nacianceno 


Yellow is known to stimulate your kids' minds. "Yellow, according to color therapists, is the color of creativity and communication because it activates the brain and nervous system," affirm the authors of Colour Inspiration.

RL Tip: Sunshine Yellow is a great color scheme for a spacious playroom. Learn how to style your playroom here. 

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"Red is associated with passion, desire, and creativity, and is often very attractive to kids, regardless of gender," says interior designer Hannah Acab-Faustino. Red makes a room energized, giving your kids an active place to stay. The intensity of red can be overwhelming, that is why it is advisable to use red as an accent to your child’s room.

RL Tip: Add an accent to a plain white room by painting your child’s dresser red, for a playful touch.  

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For a relaxing space, try going with lime green. Green is often associated with nature and the shade of lime can add a playful air to the room’s serenity.

RL Tip: Mix lime green with a light shade of yellow to create a stylish and warm space.

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Blue is known to add a sooting feel to any room because it can exude a calming vibe. If your child has a hard time sleeping, opt for blue shades to make the room conducive to a good night's sleep. "Cool colors, those associated with ice, shade, and water-[like] blues the emotions," says Hannah.

RL Tip: Paint the ceiling of your child’s room with a light shade of blue to mimic the sky.

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