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3 Floating Homes That Are Better Than A Private Island

Let these homes inspire you to give your haven a nautical feel


Who wouldn't find the idyllic life by the lake appealing? Just imagine taking a stroll by the river, waking up to a fantastic view or simply watching the sunset on the dock!  

Unfortunately, we can't all drop our city lives to move into a bobbing abode. While we can't run closer to the wildlife yet, we can still take inspiration from these lovely floating homes. We scoured the Internet to find the best anchored properties and added some design tips to go with each one. 

Main photos from: Style Motivation.  

Since the unusual conditions of Lake Huron in Ontario aren't fit for basic construction, the architects and carpenters who built this lovely 186-square meter home had to pose it over a structure of steel pontoons. Another technique they had to adopt was building the actual house separately on the frozen lake before anchoring it to the base. 

RL Tip: The homeowners also decided to go for a medley of modern and shabby chic accents. If you want to get a similar open vibe, consider building an indoor garden to bring in a touch of nature into your space.

Photo from MOS Architects.

Located on Muskoka Lake in Canada, this remodeled boathouse was completed in 2007 by architect Cristopher Simmonds. The 600 square foot structure is made from solid wood and has two levels with the first one being the guest suite. Influenced by rustic and industrial design, the homeowners decided to add a roof terrace and a deck to give it a more inviting vibe. 

RL Tip: To get the same feel in your city home, try to incorporate a lot of wood and steel elements in your furniture and accessories. You can take it a step further by trying to achieve a minimalist look by accessorizing sparingly. 

Photo from Christopher Simmonds Architect.

Unlike it's more classic counterparts, this floating house has a more unconventional look as the architect, Oshatz, together with the homeowner, wanted to represent rippled waters. This structure allows the house to blend seamlessly into the landscape. It's also made using sustainable material including the glass on the façade.

RL Tip: For those who would like a softer look but can't make any major renovations, experiment with subtle decor changes that can make a space feel more cozy. 

Photo from Robert Harvey Oshatz Architect.  

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