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20 Maintenance Essentials Every New Homeowner Should Have

Have these basics on hand in your toolbox and cupboards

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If you’ve just moved into your new home, congratulations on having your own space! But while you’re busy furnishing it with new finds or repainting the walls, you also have to take in the fact that once you start living in it, cracks, nicks, and stains will eventually appear, and the occasional dust bunny will come rolling in.

Every home, whether big or small, will need constant maintenance and repair works. Check out this roundup of the essential tools, materials, and cleaning agents you have to stock up on and keep in handy for those home emergencies. 

Basic Toolbox

1. Claw Hammer for nailing things and ripping out errant nails. Greenfield Claw Hammer, P174.75. 2. Insulated Handle Combination Pliers for simple electrical tasks like cutting, bending, and holding electrical wires. Irwin Universal Pliers, P379. 3. Carpenter’s Level for checking alignment on DIY projects and for help in hanging picture frames. Lotus Level, P159. 4. Measuring Tape for measuring spaces, DIY projects, furniture. Lotus Measuring Tape, P150. 5. Philips Screwdrivers for virtually anything—from assembling furniture and appliances to putting batteries in children’s toys. 6. Slothead Screwdrivers for driving in single-slot screws, or even opening paint can lids. Lotus 5-in-1 Screwdriver, P259. 7. Adjustable Wrench for loosening and tightening bolts for plumbing and various house repairs. Buffalo Adjustable Wrench, P349.75. 8. Allen Keys have specialized heads for specific bolts. These are mostly used for assembling knock-down furniture. Lotus Hex Keys, P129 a set.

Cleaning Cabinet

1. Soft Sponges for dishwashing and countertop cleanups. Homelife Sponges, P39.75. 2. Hard Surface Cleaner to deep-clean ceramic or stone surfaces and polish stainless steel and metal cookware. Barkeeper’s Friend Hard Cleanser, P350. 3. All-Purpose Cleaner that’s non-toxic and safe for kitchen and kids’ areas. Method Multi-surface Cleaner, P290. 4. Scourer Pad to remove grease and encrustations from pots, pans, and countertops. Arix Scouring Pads, P70.75 for 10 pcs. 5. Bleach for removing mold and mildew from tiles, countertops, and for disinfecting cutting boards and kitchen tools. Clorox Cleaner and Bleach, P450. 6. Air Freshener and Deodorizer for that finishing, freshening-up touch. Glade Air Freshener and Disinfectant, P111. 7. Stiff Cleaning Brush for hard-to-remove grime and stains. Plastic Cleaning Brush, P88.

Urban Garden

1. Pruning Shears for trimming dead branches on woody shrubs. Buffalo Multifunction Shears, P579.75. 2. Spray Bottle for misting small, delicate plants in a balcony garden. Spray Bottle, P160. 3. Handheld Rake for loosening potted soil prior to planting. Gardena Rake, P400. 4. Spade for shoveling dirt and transplanting seedlings. Gardena Spade, P400. 5. Precision Scissors for cutting herbs, flowers, and trimming terrarium plants. Buffalo Precision Trimmers, P249.75.

Cleaning Brush is from Daiso. All other items are available at True Value.

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