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Fun And Easy Tips To Make Gift-Wrapping Easy

You'll be done before you know it!

Original Article: Arlene Sanchez Maslog Photography: Jun Pinzon Styling: Arlene Sanchez Maslog

Aside from Christmas shopping, another stressful task you might have to deal with this holiday season is wrapping all the gifts you bought. Let's be honest, who has a lot of time for that? But you need not get stressed. In fact, gift-wrapping can be easy—fun even—with these hacks. Don’t forget to take notes:

1. Store your wrappers in boxes.

Create pigeon-holes out of your old shoeboxes then arrange your boxes in grids. Now, it’s easy for you to store your wrappers—you can even store them by color or separate the new ones from those that have already been used. 

2. Reuse found objects and turn them into gift wrappers.

Got old magazines you no longer read? Or old calendars you are about to throw away? Turn them into gift-wrappers. Enhance the look of your wrapped presents by way of ribbons, handmade cards, or various trimmings. Mother Nature will even thank you for this. 

3. Use your gift's original packaging.

Did your store-bought gift come in a bag? No need to transfer the item to a separate box for gift wrapping. Simply cover the store logo with leftover wrapping paper, ribbon, or card, and you’re all set! 

4. Keep all your gift-wrapping supplies in one container.

Put your scissors, adhesive tapes, and tags in a basket or a box with handles so it’s easy for you to bring them wherever you want to wrap your gifts. 

5. Keep your ribbons organized by using rods.

These rods can be a barbecue stick or a core of a toilet paper roll. Loop your ribbons on these rods so they won’t become a tangled mess in your gift-wrapping kit. 

6. Create personalized gift tags.

Let your recipients know you put a lot of thought in your gift. Include your family photos or photos of your pet in your gift tag to give your present more sentimental value. 

6 Create personalized gift tags.

Let your recipients know you put a lot of thought in your gift. Include your family photos or photos of your pet in your gift tag to give your present more sentimental value. 

7. Make paper gift bags ahead of time.

You can follow a standard size or create bags in different sizes especially if you have already planned what gifts you’re giving your friends and relatives this Christmas. When you’re done making your gift bags, you can simply put your gifts inside when you already have them, close the bag with a ribbon, attach a tag, and voila! Your gifts are ready. 

8. Stock up on materials all year round.

Make sure your gift-wrapping supplies are always complete, so you won’t have to panic when you run out of adhesive tape or wrapping paper the night before your Christmas party. Keep your scissors, cards, colored pens, and other materials in a box that you can stash under your bed, so you can just pull it out come gift-wrapping time. 

9. Follow a color scheme.

If you’re placing your gifts under your Christmas tree, you might want to choose one color for your wrapping paper. This way, your tree won’t look too busy and cluttered, and the presents can complement how your Christmas tree looks like. 

10. Set up a gift wrapping station.

It may be in your bedroom or a corner in your home office. This way, you’ll have everything you need in one place, and you’ll avoid cluttering the other areas of your home.

Read the original article (“Wrap and Roll”) in the December 2011 issue of Real Living magazine. Download a digital copy on the Real Living App. Log on to for more details.

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