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10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Kitchen

Update your furnishings and keep it clean always

Photography: Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions and Miguel Nacianceno (Main Photos)

Sprucing up the home is a never-ending process. From displaying wall art to bringing in new furniture—there are different ways to improve an area or a corner. If the kitchen is one of your priority areas, you can assess its current state and make a list of possible updates you can work on. To help you get started, here are some of the things we loved in some of the homes we've featured that you can save as pegs:

1. Rethink your kitchen backsplash.

Are you happy with the one that you have? To brighten up your cooking space, you may want to have a new backsplash that can add character to your kitchen. In this beach-inspired condo, the stylist opted for glass mosaic tiles to echo the theme.

Aside from captivating tiles, you may also want to have a solid-colored backsplash that go well with your home's overall palette. Some of the interesting hues we've seen are green, orange, red, and yellow.

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2. Update your dinnerware.

Dedicate a few hours to your existing dinnerware. Is your collection still intact and in mint condition? Once you've thoroughly checked each piece, decide if you need to shop for new items. Consider going for a theme—are you investing in more porcelain pieces or are you turning over to a dainty side with pastel must-haves? In one of the cupboards in Richard Gomez's kitchen are cups and saucers in pastel shades.

For a list of stores you can visit for affordable dinnerware, click here.

Click here to see more photos of Richard's kitchen.

3. Bring in new barstools and seating pieces.

Do you have a breakfast nook in the kitchen or an island? Give it a quick makeover by investing in new barstools. Choose pieces that complement the existing colors in the kitchen. In this home, neon green stools amplify the refreshing hue of the backsplash and island.

Looking for new barstools and chairs? You may want to check out Match Contract Furniture or Our Home.

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4. Install extra storage must-haves.

In many small kitchens, you would see metal rods and open shelves above the sink. These can be used to store essentials and even to display a few plants. See which one will fit in your kitchen and work with a carpenter to accomplish this mini project. In any kitchen—whether big or small—extra storage nooks can help keep clutter at bay.

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5. Repaint an old chair.

Are your chairs still looking pristine and new? If you have old wooden pieces, better work on a DIY project and have these repainted or hire a professional to do it for you. Keep it quirky by opting for colors like yellow and aqua—we loved the color of the chair above! This tip also applies if you've recently acquired a chair from a secondhand shop or vintage store. Depending on the chair you have, you can also have it reupholstered.

For more upcycling tips, click here.

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6. Add a new lighting fixture.

One of the secrets to a functional and efficient kitchen is proper lighting. Aside from checking the bulbs and switching to LEDs, see if you have sufficient lighting for the tasks you're doing in the space. You may want to bring in a focal lighting piece that can break the monotony of your space. A unique chandelier or industrial-inspired lights (similar to the red lamps in the photo) can do the trick.

Click here to see more photos of this condo home.

7. Organize and compartmentalize your drawers.

Are you one of the many homeowners who can't seem to fit everything inside cabinets? Keep your cooking corner organized by maximizing your drawers. Having a place for each and every item makes it easier for you to find and get what you need. Divide each drawer using readily available organizers or create your own using old boxes and scraps of wood.

The first drawer can hold knives and other cutlery while the others can be used for glasses and small bowls.

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8. Turn cabinet doors into memo boards.

Many of us instantly fell in love with the chance to turn surfaces into instant chalkboards for notes. Using ready chalkboard paint or black acrylic paint, paint your cabinet doors, let it dry, and start leaving grocery lists, messages, and important numbers. Keep your kitchen from looking too dark by painting the rest of the cabinets in bright, happy hues.

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9. Build and organize your pantry.

You don't need a big room to enjoy the advantages of having a pantry. Simply dedicate one cabinet for your ingredients, canned goods, and other food items. Group similar items together, place the ones you often use at eye level, and keep the big cans below. Don't forget to add labels so you can track expiration dates.

If you currently have an existing pantry, consider repainting it to liven up the space. Wipe the shelves and take note of the items that you currently have. To help keep track of groceries, you can also attach a clipboard on the side of your shelf.

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10. Hang a piece of art.

The easiest way to liven up a kitchen would be to display framed prints and wall art. You don't need to spend a big amount of money as you can just print out stock photos from the Web or create one on your own. Once you have it framed, use it to spruce up an empty wall.

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PHOTOS (in order): Vincent Coscolluela | Rene Mejia | Marc Jao | Jilson Tiu | Michael Angelo Chua | Dairy Darilag | Miguel Nacianceno | Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions.

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