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10 Small Spaces We Loved in 2015

Let’s look back at the cozy homes that inspired us to make the most of a limited area

Photography: Dairy Darilag (Main Photo)

It’s not surprising that many Filipinos opted to live in condo units and small homes. These spaces are easier to maintain and decorate, plus, it gives family members a chance to interact and spend more time together.

If you’re planning to get your own place next year, you can check out these 10 spaces that are perfect as guides and design pegs. To make the small space truly their own, each of the homeowners worked with a functional layout, tons of storage, and lots of creativity. Whether it’s a rustic-inspired home or a beach-inspired space, one thing’s for sure – these places are beyond awesome:

Playful Colors and Patterns in a 38sqm Unit

Located in a Thai-inspired community in the city, this unit designed by decorator and Real Living creative director Gwyn Guanzon features a style inspired by French Indochina. The final look features a balance of European and Vietnamese touches.

Click here to see the complete home tour.

A Real Living Reader’s 49sqm Condo in Manila

One of the homiest spaces we’ve seen this year, this condo home immediately reminds guests and owners of the beach. Interior designer Van Acuna-Solana worked with blue walls, rustic furniture, and coastal accessories.

Click here to see the complete home tour.

Earth Colors for a 31sqm Condo in Manila

Having a nature-inspired home gives us a relaxing space to come home to after a long day at work or school. 

To create a soothing vibe, interior designer Ben Francis Nasayao worked with earth colors, nature-themed patterns, and added space-saving solutions. The white walls worked well with the touches of brown, green, and blue.

Click here to see the complete home tour.

A Cool and Stylish 38sqm Loft-Type Condo

This home is simple yet packs a punch when it comes to design and chosen pieces. Designed by interior designer Jean Suzanne Sy, it features elements that would appeal to many like a gray-and-white palette and rustic industrial pieces.

We especially loved the kitchen – it looks spacious and pretty with sunlight streaming into the area.

Click here to see the complete home tour.

Small Space Ideas in a Doctor’s 58sqm Condo

Renovated by architect Jaii de Guzman Jr. of Manuel+Lance Architectural Studio, this two-bedroom condo has an efficient layout, wall accents, and built-in furniture pieces. 

Guests would immediately notice the well-thought-out wall accents in the space: the woven pattern in the living area and flooring materials used for the accent wall in the dining space.

Click here to see the complete home tour.

Customized Pieces for a 50sqm Condo in Manila

Furnishing a small home entails a lot of planning, sourcing, and measurement. Even if you’ve been eyeing that pretty bed for months, it won’t do if it can’t fit in the available space. 

To turn this bare unit into a perfect home for the owner’s family and future renters, interior designer Kristine Neri-Magturo worked with carefully selected items and furniture must-haves that are especially made for the space.

Click here to see the complete home tour.

Pastel Colors for a 40sqm Condo in Manila

Colors can make a huge difference in any home. The right shades and hues can help you achieve the look and feel that you want to achieve – whether it’s a lively mood or a calming ambiance. 

For this halfway home, interior designer Kristine Neri-Magturo chose pastel colors that aren’t too girly, and made the 40sqm seem bigger. She also worked with clever small space solutions to make the most of the space.

Click here to see the complete home tour.

Small Space Ideas in a 33sqm Condo in Marikina

Black-and-white can also work in a small home! To create a cozy space, the owner of this unit asked architect Jaii de Guzman to turn the two-bedroom condo into a one-bedroom home. 

Architect Jaii achieved a balanced look by pairing the modern minimalist color scheme with pops of color here and there.

Click here to see the complete home tour.

DIY Design for a Three-Bedroom Condo in Mandaluyong

Inspired by design ideas from Real Living and his travels, an RL reader designed and decorated his own home! He picked the materials, colors, furniture, and event the tiniest details to complete his home. 

Our favorite area would have to be the kitchen, as it seems to invite visitors to cook and enjoy a meal or two. The owner also worked closely with a contractor to replace the wall finishes and the kitchen, bathroom, and floor tiles.

Click here to see the complete home tour.

An 18sqm Condo in Katipunan

One would think that it could be difficult to create a comfy home with only 18sqm to work with. For this small condo, interior designer Kristine Neri-Magturo worked wonders by opting for mirrors and plenty of storage options. Pieces were scaled to fit and storage was added even in the most unexpected places.

Click here to see the complete home tour.

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