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10 Non-Cheesy Gifts for the Nester

A Valentine’s gift can go beyond the expected flowers and candy


Gift-giving is always tricky—especially if it concerns the one we love most. It even gets worse when it’s Valentine’s Day! What can you give that spells L-O-V-E without being so predictable? If you’re not one of those couples who go for roses, chocolate, or jewelry, here are 10 gift suggestions that are practical yet express how much you care.

Main photos from: Nordstrom Rack and Garden Trading.

A pair of grown-up pillowcases

What’s the greatest luxury of an adult? That would be sleep. Help make that a more delicious treat with some fine pillowcases. 

Photo from The Cottage Mama.

A potted plant; preferably a great air-cleaning plant

Flowers may be pretty, but plants – they last far longer and are better for one’s health. Pick out a pretty one and a good air-cleaner, too. We suggest the peace lily or a potted orchid. 

Photo from The Design Files.

A scented candle or aromatherapy candle

A scented candle, when lit, is one of those affordable luxuries one can have at home. Filling the air with a nice scent could send anyone into a good mood. Pick out something that would remind the both of you of a happy memory like Ocean or Vanilla.

Photo from All Things Thrifty.

A bottle of Joy Dishwashing Liquid with a Touch of Olay

This one means “I care about you – down to your beautiful hands.” Let’s face it, not everyone likes to be the dishwasher or use that harsh dishwashing detergent. For Valentine’s Day, do volunteer to wash the dishes before she thinks you’re just trying to get out of dishwashing duty.

Photo from Moomy Musings.

A pack of command hooks

Overcome the fear of decorating walls by giving your partner a pack of 3M Command Hooks. When applied and removed properly, these adhesive hooks won't destroy or harm the walls. Furthermore, it says, “I care about the things you care about.” 

Photo from Amazon.

A throw

Think of it as a big warm hug from you on a cold day… that actually looks good on the couch!

Photo from Nordstrom Rack.

A book on shelter or dream destination

We all need a cheerleader in life. Giving her a book on home decorating or her dream destination means “I support you in your effort to follow your dream.” Could anything be more romantic?

Photo from Urban Outfitters.

A box of Krispy Kreme Original Glaze Doughnuts

Can anyone be not filled with joy and warmth when gifted a dozen of Krispy Kreme’s Original Glaze doughnuts? Probably not. And besides, your partner will definitely share the goodies and calories with someone they love. It might as well be you. 

Photo from Kari's Cooking.

A pack of good coffee and a box of good tea

A good cup of joe in the morning or a lovely cup of tea in the afternoon can instantly brighten up the day. Be the one he or she thinks of with every sip.

Photo from Garden Trading.

A piece of art

Remember that scene in Notting Hill when Julia Roberts' character presented Hugh Grant’s with a painting? This is more like it—except you probably don’t receive a paycheck as huge as that of a movie star’s every month. So for a more affordable alternative, give your partner a piece of art by a recent art graduate or a print of her favorite museum piece. 

Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night. Photo from Wiki Art.

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