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10 Must-See Studio Units

Clever, compact, and curated—these homes give you different reasons to consider small space living

Photography: Dairy Darilag (Main Photo)

There are probably a hundred reasons why many of us are fascinated with small spaces. A lot have been playing with the idea of acquiring a unit, some simply love how compact spaces can be airy and spacious, and a few are just looking for ideas they can recreate.

If you belong to this group, we've rounded up 10 studio units that you need to see. Each packs a punch in terms of design and style—with details and pieces that make them beautifully stand out.

21sqm Condo With Travel-Inspired Details

It's easy to feel at ease in this space the moment you step in. Furnishings are kept simple and functional—with shelves and storage solutions added to keep it clutter-free. Since everything is within arm's reach, you can do different activities easily—from reading a book, getting some work done, watching TV, and even cooking!

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A Bohemian-Inspired Studio Home

One of the common misconceptions about living in a small unit is you can't have a lot of decor and accessories. The truth is, you can still bring in your favorites—the secret lies in how you organize these and how you'll display your souvenirs.

In this home, the owner personalized the space by bringing in a lot of colors, patterns, and travel souvenirs. Proper curation helped her achieve a put-together look, while the natural light streaming into the space from the big windows keep the vibe light and airy.

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A Unit With Pops of Color and Clever Layout

Working with a limited floor area teaches us how to properly maximize every inch of space without losing the comforting vibe of home. For this studio unit, interior designer Lisa Salvador relied on an efficient layout, proper separation of spaces, and simple pieces. Anchoring areas using rugs and working with shelves as dividers gave the owners a no-frills home with a lot of storage and an inviting ambiance, to boot!

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A 30sqm Unit With Industrial and Mid-Century Touches

It's always surprising to see how homeowners are able to inject a bit of edge and plenty of character into their spaces. To create the industrial meets mid-century style for their home, Wilmer Lopez and Thor Balanon worked with a gray-on-gray color scheme and minimal pops of color. Keeping the unit bare and simple allowed them to showcase the shapes of their chosen pieces as well as maintain the airy look.

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A 25sqm With Hints of Pastels

Some think that to be able to keep a small space airy and looking spacious, you need to stick to white. While white is a good option for your walls and furniture, it doesn't hurt to try other colors like pastels. These include light versions of blue, yellow, and green that can help brighten up your home. You may also choose furnishings and accessories in these colors to add warmth to your home.

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A 23sqm Condo With Small Space Solutions

A lot of the units we've visited and featured are used as halfway homes. There are also a few spaces meant to be rented out. To accomplish a unit that would appeal to many, storage and function must be given utmost importance. For this 23sqm home, interior designer Kristine Neri-Magturo worked with mirrors to make it look bigger, smart storage solutions, and efficient common areas to keep the home from looking cramped.

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A 37sqm Studio With Scandinavian Design

Sometimes, a much needed makeover or renovation can make a difference in a space. In this studio unit owned by a family of three, architect Ian Palad and interior designer Denise Palad of Project 1212, Inc. chose sleek furniture pieces and a neutral color palette to open up the space. We loved how the storage cabinet features mirror doors, too! It conceals the clutter while creating an illusion of bigger space.

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A 22sqm Condo With Open Layout

An open layout helps keep a small space bright and airy. In this unit designed by architect Allen Oblena and interior designer Vera Villarosa-Orila, the living and sleeping corner is defined by a board wrapped in floral-print fabric. Since mirrors cover an entire wall, the space doesn't look cramped at all. The dining nook also makes the unit look bigger as it creates an illusion of height.

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A 22sqm Unit Dominated By Black

Who says you can't use black and dark colors in a small space? These options add depth to a compact unit—similar to what Pai Edles and Misty Floro of Morfosis did in this 22sqm home. To keep the unit from looking too dark and drab, they maximized the available window, raised the bed, and kept furnishings to a minimum.

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A 25sqm French Country-Inspired Home

Aside from opting for customized pieces of furniture, a little DIY goes a long way in a tiny home. This 25sqm unit is one for the books—most of what you see inside it were done by the owners themselves. Doing DIY allows you to make the most of your creativity and ensure that the pieces will fit as well. We loved the dining nook in this space—it features secret storage compartments.

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