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10 Must-See Interesting Bathrooms

Find a peg or two for your very own loo

Photography: Dairy Darilag and Paolo Feliciano (Main Photos)

You'll be surprised to see how homeowners personalize and prettify their T&Bs. From impressive decor pieces and chic color palettes to unexpected designs and luxe fixtures, there are many ways to give this part of the home a lavish yet functional touch.

Whether you have a teeny tiny space or a huge area for a bathroom, you'll surely find inspiration with the help of this list:

Fancy with Sophisticated Details

Found in a two-storey modern French Mediterranean-inspired home, this bathroom features a chandelier, a TV, a bathtub, and a comfy chair. It's airy and spacious—measuring almost as big as most bedrooms and living areas.

Steal the look: If your bathroom has an ample space, consider adding your own seating piece. It can serve as a lounge area or you can opt for a wooden one to hold trays of toiletries or even a stack of magazines. Update your lighting fixtures into a couple of pendant lamps that catch the eye.

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While most bathrooms feature tiles, white fixtures, and streamlined pieces, this powder room found in a dream retirement home takes things to a whole new level by featuring bricks, wooden planks, and quirky lights.

Steal the look: Achieve the same warmth and the distinct country home appeal without spending much. Start with the accessories—use woven bins instead of plastic ones and decorate the walls with distressed frames and vintage decor.

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All-White with Pops of Color

This T&B may just be moderate in size but it looks big and spacious because of the all-white palette and the bathtub raised on a platform.

Steal the look: If you're choosing a similar palette, keep it from being too boring by injecting bold colors in the simplest of ways—from the bath mats and towels to the accessories and storage pieces.

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Mediterranean meets Vintage

This private space will instantly remind you of a faraway destination or a house by the beach. Found in a lovely home in Laguna, it highlights light orange and yellow hues and different functional nooks like a shower area, a shared closet, and a private corner for the woman of the house, to name a few.

Steal the look: Perhaps the reason why this space looks extra charming is because of the abundance of natural light. If your own bathroom has windows, make sure that no piece of furniture is blocking the light from passing through. You can also inject fun hues into the space through decor and furnishings instead of painting the whole area.

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Sleek and Simple

Given the space, the owners were still able to achieve a functional space by choosing to have a raised counter and sink. It helps avoid a cramped look while the complementing area rug and wall decor create a cohesive feel.

Steal the look: You can still create an impact using minimal decor. A captivating wall or typographic art can liven up the walls and set your bathroom apart. You can also keep within a neutral palette and choose accessories in complementing colors.

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Pretty with Plenty of Storage

Given the towels, toiletries, and other items we keep in the bathroom, it can look messy and disorganized. To keep this from happening, the owners of this space chose to have floor-to-ceiling cabinets complete with built-in niches for clean towels and woven bins.

Steal the look: You don't have to build floor-to-ceiling cabinets to be able to get extra storage space! Make use of vertical space by installing floating shelves (you can even have one above your door!), rods for towels, or ask a carpenter to help you install cubby storage for the rest of your essentials.

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Unique and Unexpected

To update the look of your bathroom, you may want to invest in a new door instead of the usual swing ones. Many have opted for sliding doors and there are some who go for the unexpected like a wooden barn door—similar to this one found in a three-bedroom home.

Steal the look: You can opt for a similar barn door or choose an antique piece to give your home an interesting upgrade. Those who are into visiting secondhand shops may look for old wooden doors that can be upcycled or you can also use salvaged wood for a rustic appeal.

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Clean and Country

As an upgrade to ordinary sliding doors, one may opt for different finishes and treatments for the door of the T&B. In this Tagaytay home, whitewashed louvered doors take the spotlight—leading owners to a well-maximized space filled with storage solutions.

Steal the look: If you're going for a similar door, you may also want to choose to paint it white and the rest of your bathroom in light, calming colors like pastel blue. This brightens up the space while making it extra relaxing and refreshing.

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Found in a one-of-a-kind home in Batangas, this bathroom brings the owners and their guests closer to nature with the abundance of plants, plenty of natural light, and details reminiscent of resorts and spas.

Steal the look: Create a resort-like feel in your T&B by sprucing it up with indoor plants or a couple of finds that purify the air. Complete the look by placing natural deodorizers and wooden storage pieces.

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Classic Chic

To go with the classic feel of the house, this bathroom was renovated and furnished with a customized wooden vanity table with Queen Anne legs, a sleek mirror, and other refined details.

Steal the look: Create a similar vibe in your bathroom by opting for elegant touches in different ways. A new mirror can create a difference—make it the focal point in your space and pair it with premium fixtures within your budget.

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PHOTOS: Dairy Darilag (Country, Pretty, and Unique and Unexpected) | Vincent Coscolluela (Fancy) | Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions (All-White) | Marc Jao (Mediterranean and Sleek) | Paolo Feliciano (Clean and Country and Classic) | Miguel Nacianceno (Nature-Inspired).

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