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10 Home Inspirations from Your Favorite TV Shows

From FRIENDS to How I Met Your Mother, you'll never run out of styles to try


Television shows inspire us in so many ways. Aside from giving us words to live by, they also make us feel better. If you're looking for design inspiration, these shows can give a couple of tips, too! Don't you just love the relaxed vibe of the FRIENDS set? How about the stylish space of Gossip Girl?

If you're considering a new look for your space, check out these shows and their inspiring sets. 

Main photo courtesy of NBC TV Network.

Monica’s Apartment (FRIENDS)

Get this apartment's cozy eclectic look by going for mismatched armchairs and vintage accessories. For colors, you may opt for lavender, purple, teal, cream, brown, and green. Since the show is set in New York, you may choose to add New York-inspired accessories like a mini Empire State Building or  Statue of Liberty.

Click here to learn more about the eclectic design.

Photo courtesy of NBC TV Network

Van der Woodsen’s Home (Gossip Girl)

The Gossip Girl set speaks of luxury and style. If you love Serena's house, you may choose to decorate your space with modern pieces like sleek furniture and chic decor. Add a vibrant touch by opting for pillows in bold colors. Showcase your art pieces, too!

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Photo courtesy of The CW.

Barney’s Room (How I Met Your Mother)

Snag this look by painting your walls with different shades of gray, such as deep gray or gunmetal. Opt for pieces like a black leather couch, wooden coffee table, and other unique pieces. Make your room even more legendary by displaying your collections. 

Click here for tips on how you can display your favorite things.

Photo courtesy of CBS.

Hannah's Room (Pretty Little Liars)

In the show Pretty Little Liars, Hannah has a simple yet elegant room which goes well with her preppy style. Cop the look by utilizing calming hues like white, silver blue, and violet. Consider white furniture pieces and decor such as white cabinets, frames, and even a glass chandelier. 

Photo courtesy of  ABC Family.

Adam’s Room (House of Cards)

Adam’s loft showcases a minimalist style with bare and raw interiors. If you want a look that's somehow similar, you may consider an Industrial style for your space. Make it work by choosing a neutral color palette and a couple of dark wood furnishings.

Click here to learn more about the industrial style. 

Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Jess's Room (New Girl)

Although Jess lives in an apartment with masculine interiors, she personalized her room into an area that showcases her sunny personality. If you don’t have the “girly-girl” persona, you can recreate this look by painting your walls with turquoise or teal then choosing different patterns for your beddings.

Photo courtesy of Fox.

Charlie's Room (Girls)

This cozy apartment perfectly embodies a small yet space-saving room. Create a similar look by going for multipurpose furniture like an ottman that can also serve as storage or bookshelves that can double as stairs.

Click here to learn more about multipurpose furniture. 

Photo courtesy of HBO.

Kurt and Rachel’s Apartment (Glee)

Kurt and Rachel’s shared apartment features raw and unfinished elements that give the space a laid-back vibe. Cop the look by choosing to keep your walls bare. Let your furniture pieces serve as accents and consider working adding vintage and modern pieces. A similar space allows you to experiment and go DIY all the way! Add personalized artworks and rice lights for a charming feel.

Photo courtesy of Fox.

Penny’s Room (The Big Bang Theory)

Penny’s room is filled with cheerful colors that match her happy and easygoing personality. Showcase your love for patterns and prints and choose colors such as sea foam which is a mixture of gray, blue, and green. Opt for accessories in pastel colors, too. 

Photo courtesy of CBS.

Carrie Bradshaw's Room (Sex and the City)

The charming eclectic room features weathered paint and vintage chairs that exude a cozy vibe. Style your room ala Carrie Bradshaw by working with what you have and adding a couple of new pieces. Feel free to experiment and combine different styles. 

RL Tip: Look for unique pieces at secondhand shops. Click here for handy thrift shopping tips.

Photo courtesy of HBO.

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