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10 Color Choices For Your Home

Choose the right hue (backed by science!) with these tips from a psychologist


When you enter a room, the first thing you see is the color on its walls. In a way, the colors seem to give you an idea on what the room is for. "Color appropriateness is crucial to function," says industrial-organizational psychologist Karen Sacdalan. "Color psychology has enormous amounts of significant information that contains vast meanings of colors, as each means differently for specific things and emotions."

To help you choose the right color for three important areas at home, Karen shares these suggestions:

For the Bedroom

"Light colors usually relax the mental processes. If you want a bedroom to be cozy and conducive to rest and relaxation, blue, green, or purple are some of the best choices. However, lightness and hue are critical to whether it promotes relaxation or stimulation."

In order: Fairways, Lilac Lining, and Ocean Calm—all from Nippon Paint

For the Family Room

"If you want a stimulating activity for a particular room like a family room, various attractive and heavy colors of red, pink, green, and yellow are colors that promote excitement and happiness."

In order: NOVA K075 RIO DE JANEIRO, NOVA L131 SCARLET LADY, and COTP-2588C PALAWAN VERDE—all from Davies Paint

For the Home Office (and even Corporate Offices)

"Blue, white, or beige, depending on the design and purpose of the room. For marketing and branding purposes, colors are usually executed based on the company's philosophy and brand differentiation. It must also be a conscious effort to plan the color of the office to help enhance the mood of the office workers for better performance. Blue and green, according to some meanings in color psychology, are colors that promote growth, health, calmness, focus, and wisdom."

In order: Apricot Glow, Bobby Socks, Key Largo, and Vibrant Meadow—all from Ace Paints

*Ed's note: Paint swatches may vary from the actual color swatches. Visit hardware stores and home depots near you to check the actual swatches.

PHOTOS: Stylizimo and Immy+Indi (Main) | Swatches from brands.

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