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10 Bedroom Inspirations from Your Favorite Movies

Create a similar look from your favorite flick with the help of these ideas


A movie's set design can inspire you to give your space a new look. Whether it's Carrie Bradshaw's apartment or Christian Grey's modern minimalist flat, you can easily recreate a similar vibe in your own home.

Here are 10 movie rooms that will surely inspire you to create a space that you will truly love and enjoy.

Main photo courtesy of HBO Films and New Line Cinema.

Holly Golightly’s room (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)

Considered as a classic, Breakfast at Tiffany's gives us tons of fashion and home inspirations. Create a similar look in your home by opting for sage green or languid blue for your walls. Add pops of color by adding accent pieces in fuschsia or purple. 

RL Tip: An animal print rug will complete the room and keep the floors warm. 

Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures.

Jay Gatsby’s room (Great Gatsby)

Although set in the 1920s, Jay Gatsby’s room looks like a bedroom for a modern-day bachelor! Get this room’s look by utilizing neutral colored linens and classic wooden stains for your walls. 

Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures.

Carrie Bradshaw’s room (Sex and The City)

Carrie's room mirrors her carefree and fun personality as seen in relaxing blue walls and quirky photo frames. Create the same vibe by adorning your walls with prints and having a gallery-inspired wall. Get some tips here.

Photo from

Christian Grey’s home (Fifty Shades of Grey)

Christian Grey's home is modern and minimalist with a couple of well-selected pieces. Achieve a similar vibe for your space by opting for colors such as white, beige, emerald, and sage. If you've just started construction work, you may also choose huge picture windows to let natural light in.

Photo from

Donna Sheridan’s room (Mamma Mia)

Greece has always been one of the dream destinations of most people. In the film Mamma Mia, Donna Sheridan has an eclectic and cozy room which goes well with Santorini's relaxing vibe. Create a similar look by mixing and matching design elements. You can add a touch of country by going for rustic accessories and you may also repurpose a couple of old furniture pieces. Click here to learn more about eclectic design.

Photo from

Tony Stark's room (Iron Man)

You don’t have to own a room overlooking the sea to snag this look!  Style your room ala-Tony Stark by utilizing calming hues in greens and browns. Complete the look by going for bold furniture pieces. Click here to learn more about minimalist design.

Photo from

Sam’s room (Perks of Being a Wallflower)

Sam's room spells DIY meets fun and quirky. Make this look work in your bedroom by choosing warm lighting. To make it even more romantic and cozy, you may add rice lights on one side of the wall or above your headboard. If you're feeling extra creative, you may also add wall prints and accents. 

Photo courtesy of Summit Entertainment.

Amelie’s room (Amelie)

If you've always loved the vintage style, then Amelie's room is your perfect peg. Cop the look by choosing bold hues for your walls and warm lighting. Make sure you drop by secondhand shops and thrift stores to look for pieces that you can upcycle, too. 

Photo from

Carolyn’s room (Dark Shadows )

Carolyn's room is very personal and fun. Recreate the same vibe in your space by showcasing your favorite posters and prints on your walls. If you want to go all out, you may also paint the walls with a dark hue such as blue or violet. Complete the look by adding colorful accessories.

Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

Regina George’s room (Mean Girls)

Love the color pink? Why not create a space inspired by Regina George? Try playing with different shades of fuschia, poppy red, and garnet to create a preppy chic vibe. You can also personalize your walls by adding painted wooden letters above your headboard.

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