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10 Beautiful Rooms Featuring Pantone's Spring 2016 Color Trends

Turn your space into a vibrant haven and be inspired by these hues


It might already be rainy season here in our country, but who says we can't celebrate the glory of Spring all-year-round? Through fantastic color combos and lively hues—we can transform our homes into delightful havens that showcase Pantone's cream of the crop. Sometime last year, the authority on color has announced this year's trends inspired by lush vegetation, urban design, and the beauty of natural resources.

By now, we're sure that many of you have already incorporated hints of Rose Quartz and Serenity into the home. If you're looking into giving your space a fresh coat of paint, you may want to consider a few shades inspired by Spring trends! Check them out below:

1. Rose Quartz

Pantone describes this color group's leader as a gentle but persuasive tone that evokes a sense of compassion and composure. Pair this muted color with other neutral ones such as white and light wood elements for a more serene look; or go feminine chic by mixing it with black accents.

2. Peach Echo

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone, dubs this color as a more subdued but friendlier member of the bold and playful orange family. Go for contrasting themes by pairing it with touches of gray.

3. Serenity

Described as weightless and airy, this color is aptly named due to its calming and soothing vibe. Use it in the bathroom as wall color, and we're sure you'll enjoy lingering in the bath more. You may also consider this color for your bedroom for a more relaxing sleep.

4. Snorkel Blue

Inspired by the sea and all the adventures it entails, this color is described by Pantone as striking yet still, more energetic and happier than the rest of its navy family.

Snorkel Blue is the perfect color for furniture you can lie or sit on—like chairs, sofas, beds, or even rugs as it reminds us of swimming in the ocean.

5. Buttercup

Eiseman calls Buttercup a shining beacon that makes everything look happier and sunnier. Take advantage of this bright and happy color by using it near windows like the window seat and treatment above.

Choose furnishings in this bright hue and instantly liven up a room or corner. You may also want to paint your kitchen cabinets in this happy shade.

6. Limpet Shell

One of the 210 new colors that Pantone released, this hue represents clarity and freshness that is perfect for Spring. Decorate your home office with Limpet Shell to give it a more vibrant and youthful vibe—perfect when you're dealing with deadlines and paperwork.

7. Lilac Grey

With its lilac undertones, this hue might be a part of the more neutral and basic grey family, but it's definitely not as boring as the others. Try this in-between color on your doors and cabinets to achieve a charming, whimsical appeal.

8. Fiesta

Bold and unapologetic, this vibrant cousin of the color red is yellow-based—giving it a more exciting feel. Just like anything hot, use it in moderation to keep your space from looking too loud. Start by choosing furniture and decor in a similar shade then pair it with white and wooden elements for a balanced look.

9. Iced Coffee

Called as this palette's stable foundation, it can be paired with any hue in this season's assembly of colors. Don't let this stop you from experimenting! Showcase this color by presenting it via bold patterns and prints, or even as an accent wall in the living area. Pair it with neutral furnishings to achieve a relaxed and cozy vibe.

10. Green Flash

This color carries on this year's trend of bringing flora inside the home. Use Green Flash as accent color in the kitchen to give it a playful touch. Barstools in the said color would look extra pretty against a neutral-colored kitchen island. Complete the look with a few succulents and potted plants.

Source: Pantone. Photos (in order): Eijerkamp and Orlean via Pinterest (Main) | Concepts and Colorways | HomeZada | InteriorForLife | Fatima Alfalasi via Pinterest | My Notting Hill | Kaper Design | Orlean via Pinterest | Concepts and Colorways.

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