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10 Affordable Plants For Your Home

Exotic plants not required!

Original Article: Franco Hubilla Photography: Miguel Nacianceno

Having a beautiful garden doesn't mean filling it up with rare species of plants, nor does it require you to shell out a huge amount of money. Simple greens that are well-taken care of can do the job, as well as plants that are easy to propagate. This way, you can save on cash in the long run. Here are 10 cost-efficient plants that you can plant in your garden: 

Boston Fern

Locally called as Elechos, this plant looks perfect as a hanging plant—thanks to its bushy appearance and graceful shape of its stem. Put it in a shady or in a semi-shady area.

Cost: P100 and up.


This plant can act as a potted, ornamental plant. Its leaves can also be used to fill up gaps in a flower arrangement. Place it in a semi-shady or shady area.

Cost: P50 and up.


Locally known as Mother-in-Law's Tongue, Buntot Tigre, or Espada, this plant looks great when placed in a row against a blank wall, thanks to its long leaves that visually expand a vertical space. Sanseviera thrives in a semi-shady to shady areas.

Cost: P100 and up (large).

Rhapis Palm or Rapis

It can be placed in a pot, thanks to its lush leaves. Use it to decorate a corner beside a sofa in your living room or place it outdoors and layer them in groups. This plant thrives in a semi-shady to sunny areas.

Cost: P500 (large) and up.


Locally known as Suwerte, you can put this plant in a pot and place it indoors. Like Spathiphyllum, you can use its leaves in a flower arrangement. Place it in a shady or in a semi-shady area.

Cost: P500 (large) and up.


Use this plant to to add drama to your garden. However, place it in the rear part of your green space, away from people's reach, because the leaves have small but sharp teeth which can cause wounds. Put other plants around it so it won't be easy to touch. Agave thrives in a semi-shady or in a sunny area.

Cost: P150 and up.

Peanut Plant

You can use it as ground cover outdoors because of its lateral growth. This plant grows and spreads fast, helping you save time and money. Place it in a fully sunny area.

Cost: P10 and up.

Morning Glory

Like the Peanut Plant, Morning Glory can be used as ground cover as well. This plant can trail a pole or a trellis and add some drama. It thrives in a semi-shady or shady area.

Cost: P10 and up.


This plant is versatile—you can place it in a pot, plant it as a tree, or be grown like a bonsai. Place it in a semi-shady or in a fully sunny area.

Cost: P300 and up.

San Francisco

You can use this plant to decorate outdoor hedges or place it in a pot indoors or outdoors. Its colorful foliage make it an ideal home decor. Place it in semi-shady or in a sunny area.

Cost: P300 and up (Bangkok variety), P150 and up (round-leaf), P50 and up (curly).

Looking for shops where you can buy? You may want to check out Bulacan Garden Corporationalong White Plains, Katipunan Ave. Ext., Quezon City and Angel's Blooms Garden—also along White Plains.

Read the original article in the November 2006 issue of Real Living Magazine. Download your digital copy of Real Living on the Real Living App. Log on to for more details.

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