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RL Picks: Protect Your Wooden Surfaces With This Quirky Hamburger Coaster

Make your wooden pieces even more interesting with this cool touch.

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Raise your hands if you don't like seeing or having water rings on any of your surfaces at home, especially on your precious wooden coffee table. They stain, annoyingly so, meaning that your furniture is now ruined. Forever, pretty much. You could pass it off by calling it "character" and such, but if you're the type that just can't live with it—tending to sacrificing your other things by putting your cold glass on them, or simply tiring out your arms out holding whatever it is you're drinking—well, we have one simple answer: invest in coasters. Yup, whether you're on that end of the spectrum or heck, the type to always forget to lay one down, investing in the right type of coasters might just help. Say, for example, in this quirky stack of wooden ones we spotted on Lazada. There's no way you'd pass up an opportunity to use these ones.




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Let your drinks chill on top of these coasters.


This coaster set comes with two buns, a patty, cheese, and tomato slices that you can separate and use as coasters for all your mugs (we know you have more than one) kettle mats, or saucers for when you have one too many snacks. Plus, imagine having this lying around on your table when you have friends over; it's the perfect conversation starter and you won't have to worry about them putting their glasses or cans of beer on any counter—heck they can put it on your precious wooden coffee table, as long as they have the coasters.


The stack has lettuce too, to complete the hamburger, but it can be used as more than just a coaster. This one's got a large hole in the middle that allows you to use it as a coffee dripper holder (a huge shoutout to the coffee lovers out there who love preparing their own cups of joes). So to recap: That's five coasters and one coffee dripper in one stack. After usage, just stack them up like a hamburger and put them on display. They can easily pass as decor, anyway. Cue the amusement pooling in your guest's eyes when you actually take the "ingredients" apart and put them under your cup.

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Check out the hamburger coasters below:


hamburger stack coasters PHOTO BY Rivers Drinkware


hamburger stack coasters _3 PHOTO BY Rivers Drinkware



The Hamburger Coaster Stax Plus from Rivers Drinkware retails at P2,195 on Lazada.


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