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Where to Buy Weighted Blankets If You're Having Trouble Sleeping

Weighted blankets are designed to provide a warm, gentle pressure.


If you find yourself having a hard time sleeping during the pandemic, you're not alone. It really threw us in for a loop. Our usual routine and lifestyle changed so much in such a short period, hence, our messed-up body clocks.

If you've been scouring the internet for tips and tricks on how to sleep better, we're sure you've come across recommendations like calming playlists, reducing gadget use before bedtime, and a shit ton of lavender oil (seriously, a lot). If you're looking for a new option that doesn't involve aromatherapy, then you have to try using a weighted blanket.

It is essentially a therapeutic blanket that weighs between five to 30 pounds. The pressure from the added weight mimics deep pressure stimulation (DPS). According to Healthline, DPS uses hands-on pressure to relax the nervous system. This helps with relieving pain, anxiety, and improve all-over mood. says that , similar to the feeling of being held. This has been known to increase serotonin, aka the "happy chemical."


Ready to finally sleep better? Check out these weighted blankets below:

The Blanket Hug Weighted Blanket, P5,999 (15 lbs), The Blanket Hug

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Linen and Homes Tranquility Weighted Blanket, P4,950 (12 lbs),


Playco Toyco Weighted Blanket, P3,500 (4 kg),

Namaste Weighted Blanket For Adults, $150 (P7,509),


SensaCalm Custom Weighted Blanket, P5,518,



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