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This Is All You’ll Ever Need To Keep Your Loved Ones Connected Even Outside The Home

Plus, a few tech-savvy tricks that won't break your budget

This Is All You’ll Ever Need To Keep Your Loved Ones Connected Even Outside The Home

Despite mobile technology being a lot more accessible and common nowadays, there are still instances when making a connection seem too close to impossible. Fluctuating mobile phone reception and poor connection can make it all the more frustrating—especially when you have an important business to attend to while on the go. It can also be worrisome for family members when a chat conversation suddenly gets cut off, and messages are not getting through.

Certainly, there are plenty of real needs that need to be addressed in terms of staying connected with family and friends wherever you may be. Here are some simple tips and tricks that might just help you avoid the unfortunate loss of mobile data service:

Use Airplane Mode

The airplane mode can be considered as a hard refresh for your phone. It blocks out the communication between your mobile device and the cell when turned on, and therefore, you won’t be able to receive messages (whether text or images) and phone calls. Turning it off after about a minute should then “refresh” your signal as your device reestablishes connection with the cell towers.

As immediate as this workaround may be, it still is just a temporary solution, so it still does not guarantee reliable data for your use.


This is another great way to get supplemental signal, especially if the available Wi-Fi facility is not being very helpful. The downside to this, however, is that the efficiency of your tethered connection will heavily depend on your tether source. So if your friend’s signal is wonky as well, then most likely, you will be getting the same thing—or worse, since your connection is presenting an added burden on your friend’s.

Sharing Your Data Plan

A better option—and not to mention safer and faster choice—is to connect to your home. Fortunately, a method like this is made possible by strong and reliable connections from trustworthy service providers like PLDT HOME DSL. Even if your account is for in-home use, you can now #ShareTheConnection even if you or your loved ones are outside.

PLDT is all about making sure that the family is able to keep communicating with each other no matter the distance. You can now share the home data with each other, as if you’re all still sitting in the living room. Aside from giving you a lot more chances to bond online, you also get to give your loved ones peace of mind, since they now have another way to get in touch with you anytime, anywhere.

It’s not just sharing bandwidth; it’s sharing resources that matter most in helping you express your love and appreciation for the people that you care about. It’s taking a piece of your home with you, wherever you may go, because home is where the heart—and the auto Wi-Fi connect—is.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with PLDT HOME DSL.
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