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Here's Where Heart Evangelista Buys Her Vintage Furniture

Heart Evangelista talks about her love for antiques, "it's a story, it's history. It's a story."


Apart for her artistic skills and fashion savvy, Heart Evangelista also has a knack for interior design. And these days, she's been busy refurbishing and redecorating the interiors of her home in Quezon City.


All The Plants We Love in Heart Evangelista's Stylish Home

Get the Look of Heart Evangelista's Posh Walk-In Closet 

In one of her vlogs, Heart talked abour her furniture and home decors. Her video description read, "I’ve been keeping myself busy by redesigning almost every corner of my home! Just before the lockdown, I was able to film a vlog about something I’m very passionate about—home shopping!"

In the video, Heart went home shopping with her good friends Geewel Cabungcal-Fuster and Gian Carlo of Theology of Space & Co., an architecture, interior design, art, and creative consultancy firm.

They were joined by Dennis Robles, founder of the luxury shoe and bag store, Authenticite Manila.


While shopping, the 35-year-old Kapuso actress and her friends offered some tips on space design and where to buy quality furniture and home decors.

When it comes to interior design, Carlo said "proportion and scale is everything." He explained, "Before you do the redesigning, measure your spaces first, so that you don't get pieces that are not of the right size." Also a no-no, according to the interior designer, "Don't buy stuff just to fill a space."

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If you're fond of antiques, Carlo said there's no harm in trying to get rid of the negative energy and evil spirits that may reside in them.

According to Pinoy folklore, previous owners "leave memories" in their antiques, and some spirits linger in these old stuff.He said, "If you have a jar, it's a closed jar, you put a coin in it, a metal coin in it so that the spirits will not stay in it. Hindi ka mumultuhin.


"A lot of people have this craze...nakakatakot mag-maintain ng mga antique. But there are a lot of things that can be done so that the scare will be eliminated. Maybe the best thing you can do is have it blessed."

Heart herself is not a believer.

Though she puts a coin in the old jars at her home to ward off negative energy, she said, "If you do believe it, there are so many ways to cleanse it but, personally, me, I'm not maarte sa ganyan.


All The Plants We Love in Heart Evangelista's Stylish Home

Get the Look of Heart Evangelista's Posh Walk-In Closet 

"If it's beautiful and I think it's practical, it's a no brainer, I'll buy it. And it's a story, it's history. It's a story, so it's really nice."

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