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This Toilet Can Help You Take Better Care of Yourself

It provides spa-like comfort, among other perks.

This Toilet Can Help You Take Better Care of Yourself

The toilet is not called the best seat in the house for nothing. As the king or queen of your home, you deserve nothing less. Every trip to the loo should be as relaxing and as comfortable as it can be.

But first things first: Does your toilet meet—or even exceed—your high standards? It's time you get to know the Featoilet, a water closet with a minimalist look, soft curves, and a streamlined design.

Here's how the Featoilet lets you take better care of yourself:


Clean from the rear and front with ease

Two separate antibacterial nozzles, which can be adjusted to five different positions, ensure comfort when washing the most sensitive areas of your body. Water is instantly heated, with four different water-pressure and heat-temperature settings to prevent germs. Just use the remote control.


Enjoy spa-like comfort

The soft-closing seat cover makes no noise, so you can enjoy a few minutes of peace and quiet. Also, the soothing, spa-like settings of the washing system enable you to take better care of your skin.

As for the seat, it is heated for your comfort and has four temperature settings. Once you sit, the temperature is automatically adjusted after 10 minutes—perfect for those chilly mornings.


Keep the air odor-free

A charcoal-carbon filter infused into the system wards off odor and bacteria, so the air in your T&B is constantly kept clean.


Practice more hygienic cleaning

Without the need for toilet paper, bidet sprays, or dippers (your trusty tabo paired with a pail), you are able to clean sensitive areas better. As a bonus, the Featoilet also helps you lessen household waste, because it decreases toilet-paper usage and water consumption.



Bonus benefit: Save water when you flush

The Featoilet needs only four liters of water for flushing, unlike a regular water closet that uses about 13.6 liters per flush. The unique siphon technology creates powerful flushing that cleans the bowl at the same time without splashing. A high water bill will be one less thing to think about.

Find out more about how the Featoilet works by watching this:

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