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10 Awesome Yet Practical Gifts For Homeowners This 2020, Starting At P250

These items are not just functional; they're budget-friendly, too!

10 Awesome Yet Practical Gifts For Homeowners This 2020, Starting At P250
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Sure, having a "white elephant" game at a Christmas party is fun but wouldn’t it be much nicer to give and receive gifts you can actually use? These 10 practical items are good gift choices for anyone who wants to spruce up their home in time for the new year.

Napkin Holder

Heim Mia Napkin Holder Copper Plating, P250

Even a tiny table-top accessory can make a statement. While a napkin holder is a small, practical home item, it also adds a decorative touch. This copper-plated version adds elegance to the dinner table—without breaking the bank.


Heim Shane 3-Layer Shelf, P990

As you might already know, tidying up brings about some life-changing magic. Bring some of that magic into your friends’ lives with something that can help keep their spaces neat and organized. Use this shelf in the kitchen as a makeshift pantry, in a home office for storage boxes and files, or even in the bedroom if it lacks closet space.

Bathroom Organizer

Kasch Metal Bath Basket, P880

Icky mold can start creeping up on shampoo bottles left on a perpetually wet bathroom floor. Keep bath essentials clean and within easy reach with this hanging bath basket.

Trash Bin

Kasch Trash Bin Round Light Blue, P950

It may sound like an odd gift to give but trust us, anyone will love to receive it! It’s one of those things that homeowners need but are reluctant to spend on. There’s a place for it in every room, whether it’s the kitchen, bathroom, or the bedroom so you can be sure that it’ll get loads of use.

2-in-1 Picture Frame and Clock

Heim Family Tree Picture Frame + Clock, P649

While mobile phones can easily tell you the time, there’s something about having a clock on display that makes a home feel cozier. This one has the added charm of little picture frames where you can display family photos.

Magazine Rack

Heim Metal Magazine Rack, P784

This sleek magazine rack will look right at home in a space with modern, glam interiors. Mount it in the bathroom to hold reading materials, in the kitchen to hold bills and letters, or in a home office to serve as a makeshift inbox.

Heavy-Duty Lock

Master Wide Resettable Numeric Combination TSA Luggage Lock with Extended Reach Shackle, P776

This may be one of the things people don’t use too often but it’s something everyone should stash in their drawer. This TSA-approved numeric lock will keep luggage secure and give your pal who likes to travel some peace of mind.

Bath Basket

Kasch Bath Basket, P1,000

This compact shelf can be installed in a corner of your bathroom, giving you added storage without eating up precious space.


Heim 45x75 Sleeping Pillow, P759

Depending on the material of the pillows, it’s advisable that they are replaced every one to three years. Why? Aside from getting lumpy, pillows gather sweat, odor, dead skin cells, and dust mites over time—no one wants all that against their face.

Wall Décor

Heim Home Sweet Home Wall Décor with Photo Clips, P939

A home shouldn’t just be practical; it should also be personal. This rustic wall décor allows you to easily display and rotate photos. You can even hang it up in your kitchen to hold recipe cards and shopping lists.

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