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5 More Pink Indoor Plants You Can Shop Online

Fill your indoor garden with this pretty hue.

Photography: Instagram/spruceplantshop, planthousemnl

Can't get enough of pink plants? Don't worry, we can't either. And who can, when they let you have the best of both worlds by giving you the benefits of having indoor greens and the novelty of eye-catching decor.

Browse the plants below for options that you can shop online, stat:

Tequila Sunrise Caladium from Fern Manila

Fern Manila's pink-veined caladium, or heart of Jesus as it's often called, will add a lively splash of color to your WFH desk.


Aglaonema Sapphire Suzanne from Spruce Plant Shop

The pink edges of this plant's lush dark greens leaves goes perfectly with any pastel-colored pot.

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Variegated Gumamela from Planthousemnl

Gumamelas don't have remain but a childhood memory. You can have a pot of these pretty non-flower blooms at home!


Pink Anthurium from Spruce Plant Shop

Many of us may be used to seeing anthuriums in red, but this online plant shop can hook you up with ones in the prettiest light pink shade.

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