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4 Must-have Pieces for the Modern Home

These smart appliances are worth it

4 Must-have Pieces for the Modern Home

These days, a modern home goes beyond a stark and minimalist design. It also means being equipped with technology that helps improve your quality of life. Smart home appliances make that a reality especially for families.

Here are four smart appliances worth investing in that can help your family get started on your very own future-ready home. Watch this:


A smart fridge

Choose a refrigerator that can keep your food fresh up to two times longer and even help you save electricity.

The Samsung Twin Cooling Refrigerator makes that possible with its Twin Cooling system. Because its refrigerator and freezer compartments cool separately, cool air in the refrigerator does not travel to the freezer. This keeps the humidity level in the refrigerator high, extending food freshness up to two times longer.

This smart fridge also has temperature sensors and microcomputers that allow each compartment to efficiently maintain its ideal temperature, helping you lower your electricity bill.

Another energy-saving feature of this fridge is its Smart Conversion, which has five different modes of cooling. Energy Saving Mode allows you to turn off your freezer when not needed. Vacation Mode is perfect for long trips because you can turn off the fridge. Fridge Max gives you more space by converting the freezer into an additional fridge. Lastly, Mini Fridge allows you to save on electricity by using the freezer as a fridge.


A smart washing machine

You can multi-task more efficiently at home with a smartphone-controlled washing machine like the Samsung AddWash. You can be in the kitchen cooking or in the living room tidying up the couch while operating this washing machine. Talk about convenience.

And if you still want to add more clothes after the wash cycle has already begun, go ahead. Just pop more clothes and even add more laundry detergent or fabric softener into the special AddWash door.


A smart air conditioner

For a truly cool and cozy home, you need an AC that's powerful but consumes less electricity and makes less noise. The Samsung Split-type Inverter Air Conditioner fits the bill. It has an eight-pole motor, found in the digital inverter compressor, which gives you exceptional cooling comfort minus the usual noise that you hear with high-power air-conditioning systems. Your whole family can sleep like a baby even in the sweltering heat. You can also monitor your AC's energy consumption via the Smart Home App, so you need not worry about your electricity bills.


A smart microwave oven

A future-ready kitchen needs multifunctional appliances like the Samsung Smart Oven

Frying without oil may sound like a delightful dream, but this smart oven makes it come true. Its Slim Fry Technology lets your family enjoy the crispy texture and taste of fried food without the guilt.

This smart oven also lets you make your own dough and yogurt with its advanced fermentation function. You can also bake, grill, and steam—not just reheat—food in the Samsung Smart Oven, letting you cook healthy meals fast.


Let these four smart appliances be your partners in life. Visit the Samsung website to know more.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Samsung Appliances.