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5 Essentials to Add to Your Kitchen Wish List

Here's what you need for a modern and elegant kitchen.

5 Essentials to Add to Your Kitchen Wish List

If you spend hours meticulously whipping up one culinary creation after another and like a sleek and minimalist kitchen, then state-of-the-art and elegant-looking equipment are must-haves for you. To narrow down your list, take a look at this line of built-in cooktops and ovens.

Design and function come hand in hand in the ELBA Elegance Series, which is manufactured in Italy. Boasting of clean lines, it offers three things every discerning homeowner looks for: outstanding design, industry-leading performance, and user-friendly ergonomics.

Considering how modern kitchens are becoming the trend across the globe, ELBA has gone as far as hiring product designers from different parts of the world to create the Elegance Series. Technology is a key factor in its design, so that homeowners can enjoy the benefits of more technologically advanced features.

Control knobs combined with a touch-sensitive electronic programmer and digital display make the convection ovens from the ELBA Elegance Series easy to use. An electronic digital clock with minute minder helps you keep a close track on cooking time, while the soft-motion, smooth close door system provides ease in opening and closing the oven door.

Being the primary consideration of all ELBA products, safety is not an issue because of the product features that shut off the supply of gas when the flame is no longer detected (for cooktops with gas burners). Maintenance is also a breeze with the easy-to-clean enamel coating with catalytic self-cleaning panels on the sides.

The stainless steel design and the doors with premium black glass finish round up the features that make the ELBA Elegance Series perfect for any modern kitchen. Check out the slim side profiles, slanted edges, and high-contrast finish that would make your kitchen look stunning. 

Here are top picks from the ELBA Elegance Series:


EL 65-445

Cast-iron Gas Cooktop, 60cm

Standout Function: The triple-ring burner found in this model is more compact than regular triple ring burners in the market. It produces 3.8kW of maximum power, which is higher compared to other triple ring burners at 3.5kW. Users will benefit from this by being able to use smaller diameter pots and pans at maximum heat settings.

Safety Feature: Safety devices on all burners cut the supply of gas when the flame burns out, which means fumes of gas vapors do not build-up in the cooking area.


EL 345-003

Vitroceramic Cooktop, 60cm

Standout Function: It has a large and spacious triple circular heating element that can be activated based on the diameter of the pot or pan. Users will be able to conveniently adapt the cooking zone to achieve an evenly distributed heat base for their cooking vessels.

User-friendly Feature: An exclusive slide-touch control panel lets the user easily and smoothly select the heat levels for each cooking zone without having to press the panel multiple times.


EL 800

Electric Convection Oven, 60cm

Standout Function: The nine-function built-in digital programmer automatically shuts down the oven after a pre-set period of time, depending on the user's preference and requirements.

Design Feature: Fine stainless steel panels gracefully contrast the premium black glass finish to create a modern technological masterpiece.


EL 810

Digital Electric Convection Oven, 60cm

Standout Function: Elegant touch-sensitive controls and the LED digital display enable users to conveniently access the 10 pre-programmed functions that are available at the user's disposal.

High-tech Feature: The highly accurate digital convection oven lets the user see the live temperature inside the cavity as the temperature rises inside the oven.


EL 900 E

Electric Convection Oven, 90cm

Standout Function: Three heating elements (top, rear, and bottom) coupled with a convection fan recirculate heat around the oven to achieve a uniform temperature throughout the oven, which cuts down cooking time and optimizes energy consumption.

Convenience Feature: It has self-cleaning catalytic panels on the sides and at the back of the cavity, so cleaning the large cavity oven is made convenient.


See for yourself how the ELBA Elegance Series measures up. Visit any of the Elba showrooms at MC Home Depot Ortigas (call 683-0101) and MC Home Depot Bonifacio Global City (call 511-7885). You can also view the collection at

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Elba.