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Things to Consider When Buying a Cordless Vacuum

Read this before you splurge.

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Whether you're chasing a discounted item or browsing casually, the monthly e-commerce sales all have one thing in common regardless of platform or season—there's always a promo on cordless vacuums. Is it really all that?

Millions of Filipinos have been stuck at home for almost two years now, prompting many to improve their space a la Home Buddies. It translated to work-from-home desk setups, an initiation to plantita or plantito nation, or even getting rid of rainy season mold. For some, the battle against dust remains, and a cordless vacuum beckons.

If you’ve been meaning to add it to cart, we tried out a cordless vacuum ourselves to help you decide.

Here are some things to consider before checking out that wireless vacuum:



The bigger, wired ones can get tiring to carry around plus you may have to climb up a chair just to reach those pesky cobwebs. Storing them can be just as draining, since you’ll have to coil up attachments after use.


Transitioning from a wired vacuum to a cordless one granted mobility I never thought was possible. With the right attachments, you can access ceilings, clean under tables, and reach even the most elusive spots beneath that sofa you’ve never moved.

A cordless vacuum’s body is smaller, thus easier to carry with just one hand, allowing even workout-evasive people (like me) to get some cleaning done from floor to ceiling.

Goodbye, wires

The cordless vacuum’s main selling point is the mess of tangled wires you’ll never have to deal with. It still comes with a wired charger, but your vacuum will be parked when juicing up for the next round of cleaning anyway, so gone are the worries of tripping over them or accidentally knocking a table over.

Switching sockets every few steps or meters will be a thing of the past. If you’ve got a limited number of sockets, a wireless vacuum can still do the job even if your refrigerator and rice cooker are plugged.

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Competitive price

There are several brands offering wireless vacuums at prices ranging from as little as P3,000 to P10,000. More expensive brands retail for as much as P50,000 but if you’re strapped for cash, we can choose to look away.

With monthly e-commerce sales, prices can go even lower with limited deals and vouchers.

Attachments matter

Before you add to cart, look at the inclusions. Some are designed to be small and handheld, while some come with extra attachments to extend your reach. There are flat rollers for floors and smaller tubes for corners, and there are some designed specifically for beds or cloth surfaces like rugs, pillows, or sofas.

Assess your household’s needs so you know which deal to get, and if you have to check out additional attachments for specific uses.

Think of storage

Most wireless vacuums have a handle you can use when cleaning and some people use it to hang the vacuum when in storage. Though smaller, it will still take up space. Think about whether you want to store it upright, flat on a shelf, hung up, or in a bag or box.


You still have to clean it

The wireless vacuum may promise days of dust-free floors minus all the tangled wires, but like all other vacuums, you still have to throw out the accumulated dirt.

Most vacuums come with reusable filters you can clean or wash. Other brands also sell reusable filters in case the one that comes with your vacuum gets clogged over time.

Charging time

A time will come when you’re using the vacuum with full confidence that your room is going to look clean in a snap only for said device to stop working because it’s out of juice.

It’s happened to me several times because I use the vacuum until the very last bit and charge when it blinks red. For people who love routine and charging things on schedule, a wireless vacuum will work.

Just keep in mind that you will have to recharge the vacuum eventually. It’s not a deal-breaker for some, but it might be a nuisance for other people.


So should you get one?

It depends. For smaller homes, condos, and bungalows, a wireless vacuum may work for the entire house. Bigger places may accumulate more dust over time, which could require a bigger vacuum.

Another thing to consider is battery life. Most last for a day of cleaning, but depending on your coverage area and how long you take, it might be a hassle to pause the chore to charge then resume once the vacuum is up and running again.

Those intending to use it outdoors may want to look at variants specifically made for such needs, or consider a heavy-duty vacuum instead.

A good old walis and dust pan combo still works wonders but we have to admit there are some spots you can’t reach. Regardless of how you choose to clean and what your budget allows, you can still count on e-commerce sales to tempt you every month—just think it over before checking out.


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