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These Are the Most Affordable Veggies You Can Buy

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The ongoing pandemic has made many of us more budget-conscious. Prices of some of our favorite ingredients and food have skyrocketed, becoming less affordable for our everyday meals.

If you have become smarter about what ingredients you buy at the supermarket, you're not alone. That's why it's super important to be aware of the prevailing prices of basic ingredients even before you leave the house. This means you are prepared financially and can better plan your meals.

The great news is that there's a way to do this and it's online and available almost every day! You can access these Department of Agriculture (DA) reports online! According to the regular reports from the Price Watch section of its official website, the cheapest ingredients* among the categories of these basic commodities right now are available for you to check without leaving your home. The categories include meat, rice, fish, and fruits, and vegetables.

From the vegetable list, the most affordable vegetable among the list is the sayote at P40/kilo. This is a super cheap vegetable right now considering that other vegetables in its category are double its price. (Cabbage, carrots, and the pechay Baguio or napa cabbage are next lowest in price at P80/kilo.) The kalabasa is the next most affordable at P50/kilo for the lowland vegetable category followed closely by tomatoes and pechay Tagalog at P60/kilo. 

Here is the list of vegetables, from cheapest to most expensive under P100 that are on the Price Watch list of vegetables and recipes to try using it: 


Sayote = P40/kilo: This vegetable should be your budget-friendly vegetable choice for tinola

Kalabasa =P50/kilo: Pair with gata or coconut milk to make it super delicious!

Kamatis =P60/kilo: Tomatoes are used in almost every savory dish! Make its tangy flavor the star with these recipes. 

Pechay Tagalog =P60/kilo: This is commonly confused with bok choy but you can use either for any of these recipes!

Talong = P70/kilo: Eggplants are easy to add to dishes. These turn super soft and thankfully, are not as bitter as the Western varieties. Use it for these recipes. 

Pechay Baguio = P80/kilo: Also known as the napa cabbage, this is the vegetable used in kimchi. Use it to make a homemade kimchi or chop it up for these recipes. 

Repolyo = P80/kilo: This head of cabbage is bitter when raw so temper that flavor by cooking it into one of these dishes. 

Carrot = P80/kilo: Carrots can be eaten raw or cooked so it's delicious either way! Try it quickly cooked or mixed with other ingredients to make it extra delicious. You can even use to make desserts!

Ampalaya = P80/kilo: This very bitter vegetable has its fans so if you are one of them, here are recipes to try.

Sitaw =P80/kilo: These yard-long green beans are best when not too long so it doesn't become tough. Choose the shorter beans to add to these dishes. 

White Potatoes = P90/kilo: The potato might be one of the most popular vegetables. Here are recipes to try if you are not yet tired of this root veggie.

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* Prices listed as valid as of publication.

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