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6 Holiday Decor Ideas That are Perfect for Condos

Celebrate the holidays with decor themes that are beyond the usual.

6 Holiday Decor Ideas That are Perfect for Condos

The holidays in the Philippines start as early as September. And by now, many people probably have their Christmas tree ups and ready or have hung up Christmas wreaths on their doors. But not everyone can easily jazz up their home for the holidays, particularly if you’re living in a modest apartment or a condo.

Having a small space that can easily look cluttered is a constant challenge for most condo owners, but this doesn’t mean you have no choice but to be a Christmas Grinch. Here are decorating styles that will bring Christmas cheer into any home:

1. Countryside Metallic

Mix and match Christmas balls in different shades of gold, bronze, and copper. Not only do these add a rustic elegance to your condo unit; they also brighten it up.

Pro tip: If you want to hang up Christmas balls from the ceiling, choose the bigger ones. This way, you’ll only need three or four in every corner of your condo.

P199.75 per set

2. Winter Wonderland

Christmas decor that comes in shades of blue is a good choice for condos with white-washed walls. The monochromatic color scheme adds character and class to your home without making it look overly decorated.

Pro tip: Opt for oval-shaped ornaments to help give the illusion of a higher ceiling.

P149.75 each

3. Trendy Pastels

For a subtle yet still colorful design, pick Christmas ornaments in understated shades of pastels and neutrals. Hang these on your Christmas trees for an Instagram-worthy backdrop.

Pro tip: Spread out your decor so it won’t look cluttered.

P79.75 to P249.75 for the assorted ornaments

4. Classic Christmas

You can never go wrong with red and green for a traditional Christmas theme. Ornaments in darker shades of red go really well with classic, pine-green Christmas trees.

Pro tip: Get a set of red Christmas balls in various sizes to add dimension to your two-toned color scheme.

P3,499.75 for a set of 12 big glass ornaments

P49.75 to P159.75 for a set of small Christmas balls

5. Rainbow Elegance

Why not go all out with a rainbow-themed holiday decor? It’s the holidays after all. Choose Christmas ornaments designed with various patterns and in different hues when decorating your condo home.

Pro tip: If you’re going for a multi-color design, pick ornaments in the same color tone or with the similar accents—like these candy-colored jewel ornaments.

P599.75 to P1,299.75 for the wooden table-top tree with ball decor

P69.75 to P249.75 for the assorted ornaments

6. Geometric Neutrals

If you're looking for understated elegance but with a hint of color for your holiday decor, choose ornaments with geometric-minimalist designs. They're simple yet classy.

Pro tip: When picking Christmas balls, look for ones that showcase different designs but are in the same hues. This makes your decor more cohesive.

P1,999.75 for a set of 12 glass ball ornaments

With a bit of creativity and the right decor, you can easily turn your condo into your very own Christmas wonderland. Ready to spruce up your home for the holidays? Get good value for money at Robinsons Department Store. With its wide range of Christmas decor, you can find the holiday decor theme that suits your style.

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