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4 Things You Should Look for in a Water Closet

When it comes to choosing a toilet bowl, don't take these things for granted

4 Things You Should Look for in a Water Closet

Water closets, more commonly called toilets, are all the same, right? Wrong. Just take a look at the different styles and shapes and a whole range of never-before-seen features you'll see in home stores and showrooms today.

If you're choosing one for your home, comfort should be a top priority, along with ease and convenience of use. But that's not all. Here's a list of questions to help you decide on the right water closet for you.


1. Does it have the basic features you need?

A comfortable seat is a must. Toilet bowls come in elongated and round shapes. If you don't like feeling cramped and would like to sit farther away from the toilet tank, choose the elongated type.

Check the flush, too. Manual flushes are a common feature, but if you want an upgrade, look for an automatic flush so you won't have to touch a thing with your bare hands and ensure that the toilet is flushed after every use.


2. Does its sleek design complement that of your bathroom?

A water closet with classic, clean lines is the perfect addition to any bathroom. Opt for a size that's proportionate to the bathroom area, and if you have the luxury of space, choose one that's comfortably compact and does not overpower the room. Whatever your bathroom size, make sure there is enough room for you to move about.



3. How convenient is it to use?

Lifting or closing the lid and flushing are all that you can do with it, but before you make that purchase, look for features that make your bathroom experience more convenient. Is using the flush trouble-free? Is the lid easy to move?


4. How easy is it to clean?

And then there's the task of keeping it spic and span. How you wish for a magic toilet which cleans itself! A dirty toilet is definitely unsightly; surfaces must always be wiped down and kept dry. Just think of how much time you're willing to spend scrubbing it.


Have you found the one?

Dubbed as the toilet that "moves at your command," the HCG Superlet is, put simply, the toilet of your dreams. It has a removable wireless control panel, so everything you need is within your reach, be it a dedicated bidet spray, an adjustable warm drying function for the toilet seat, or an air-purifying device to keep your bathroom smelling good.

Sounds too good to be true? Brace yourself. 

With its sensor technology, the HCG Superlet automatically opens upon approach and closes after use. No need to use your hands! It also has an automatic flushing function, so waste is flushed 10 seconds after use.

The HCG Superlet has indeed wowed homeowners across the globe. It has won various awards such as the IF Design Award, the Golden Pin Design Award, and the Taiwan Excellence Award.

To know more about this super water closet, email [email protected], log on to, or visit your nearest HCG distributor nationwide.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with HCG.
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