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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Padlock for Your Home

Keeping your home sweet home safe also means choosing the right padlocks for your needs

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Padlock for Your Home

Padlocks still remain ever-reliable and durable essentials for home security. Learn more about the different types, and find the most suitable one for your purpose.


The chunkier the padlock doesn’t necessarily mean it’s more effective. You also need to take into account the surrounding materials such as the chain or hasp. These need to match the padlock’s level of security and toughness.

While size doesn’t always matter when it comes to locks, quality does, so choose a reliable brand that you can trust with your home’s security. The world’s favorite lock company for more than a century, Yale has a wealth of experience in keeping your home secure.


It’s important to know the elements the padlock will be exposed to. Locking up the front gate? Consider a standard padlock with a hardened shackle. While you may see discoloration on the shackle over time, this corrosion is only external and will not affect the padlock’s locking mechanism.


The more valuable or desirable the item, the harder burglars will work to destroy what’s keeping it locked up.

Go for a high-security padlock to keep your prized possessions safe. It is made of hardened steel or shrouded shackle with a pick-resistant key cylinder or a reinforced locking mechanism.

From the name itself, the shackle is enshrouded in a case that makes it difficult for thieves to use bolt cutters around the shackle.

Should you be securing items that are less likely to be sought after, it is safe to use a lower-grade padlock.


When managing multiple padlocks, you might want to look into special key options such as master keying, keyed alike, and restricted key.

With master keying, a group of padlocks can be opened by one master key, but each lock also has a unique key.

With keyed alike, a set of padlocks can be opened with a single key.

Restricted key, on the other hand, will require the owner to prove his identity before he can get duplicates.

A wide range of uses requires a wide range of padlocks, and Yale has got your home covered. To know more about what the world's favorite lock offers, visit   

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