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We Found The Exact Lighting Pieces Mimiyuuuh Used in Her Bedroom

And where you can buy similar ones online.

Photography: Courtesy of YouTube/Mimiyuuuh Interior Designer: IDr. Madelaine San Jose

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Content creator Mimiyuuuh has been documenting her home renovation journey through her popular YouTube channel. In a brand new video, Mimi shared that, finally, the improvements on her new space have been completed. She also gave fans an insider look into her modern and youthful bedroom.


The loft-style room is a treasure trove of trendy furniture, secondhand finds, and items that perfectly encapsulate Mimi’s vibrant and artistic personality. But what really caught our eye were the multiple lighting pieces used in the room. All of them are from Shadows & Patterns, a Filipino company that curates decorative lighting and home furnishing. Each one is cool and hip, and seamlessly fits into the rest of the space.

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If you’re looking to spruce up your room, be inspired by Mimi’s! Check out the pieces that she and interior designer Madelaine San Jose used below:

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Right above the working table is the Alessio lamp. It has three pendants and is made of iron and glass. According to Mimi, she loves this lamp (and the rest of the lighting fixtures in her room) because of the vibe they give the space, especially when they are lit up at night.


A similar piece that you can get online is this Nordic-style pendant lamp. Each one has an acrylic cover, an iron body, and a wooden frame. The lamps come in five different colors, including khaki, pink, and green. You will also get a platter on which you can mount up to three lamps, and adjustable wires to hang each lamp.


Price: P599 per lamp (available on Shopee); P383.04 per lamp (available on Lazada)



Mimi’s room features a shooting area that she can use to shoot photos and videos. This area is illuminated by the Faro pendant lamps, which feature two spheres made of contrasting materials–an opal glass diffuser and resin that resembles volcanic rock. The light coming from the glass diffuser reflects onto the resin sphere and reveals its texture.


If you’re looking for an item resembling these, check out this acrylic ball pendant light from Shimaier Lighting. It is made of iron and glass, and has a diameter of 20cm. The item comes with a suspension wire which is 1.2m high but can be adjusted to whatever height you may prefer.

Price: P431 per lamp (available on Shopee)

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Accentuating the high ceiling is the Idalia Trio chandelier, which is made of iron and glass and consists of three LED bulbs suspended from slim black bars. About this chandelier, Mimi shared, “I love this po. [It] really sets the mood, especially at night. Sobrang ganda ng room ko. It’s really a vibe.”


Want to add a chandelier to your space? Take a look at this modern-style pendant chandelier from ENG Lighting. The rod is made of iron, while the shades are made of acrylic. The light comes in three different colors that change every time the switch is turned on.


Price: P1,099-P1,299 (available on Shopee)

At the top of the stairs and situated next to the bed is a little area with a secondhand reclining chair and several framed art pieces. This nook is completed by the Luisa lamp. It has a solid marble base and a steel frame, as well as a table on which Mimi propped up one painting. This one-of-a-kind floor lamp is sure to give any room a touch of sophistication.


Complete your space with this floor lamp from Y&C. Just like Mimi’s lamp, this has a tray table attached to it, which is made of thickened wrought iron to make it sturdy and more load-bearing. The lamp comes with a remote control and a foot switch.


Price: P2,014 (available on Lazada)

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