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Keep Your Pantry Organized With These Chic Labeled Spice Jars

What Pinterest Board dreams are made of!


Have you been trying to better organize your kitchen in quarantine? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many have been decluttering and making small improvements to their homes amidst all the time spent indoors this 2020. It can, however, be a pretty daunting task considering just how many items you keep in the kitchen; not to mention how often tools and ingredients need to be moved around from storage to counter to dining table. But no need to be intimidated because you can always start small with simple tasks like organizing your refrigerator, finding handy storage options for all your food items, and labeling the various containers you have in your pantry. You may want to cop these chic labeled spice jars from online shop BAMVO to help you out!

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Now you can keep all the different spices and small ingredients you use while cooking in sleek, matching jars. The uniformed cases will look much neater and be easier to organize compared to several containers in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Plus, the labels will make them easier to find any time you need to reach for something while prepping your meals. We love the minimalist design of the jars and labels, which would look good in any kitchen or pantry. You can take it a step further and arrange them in alphabetical order!

You can get the jars in a 450ml size (P250) or a 650ml size (P350) depending on how big you need your containers to be. And yup, labels are included with each purchase! Better hurry and grab them while you can because the free labels are part of BAMVO as pre-launch package. You can get them with no extra charge until September 8!


BAMVO's catalog also includes labeled jars in other stylish designs. Take your pick:


You can pre-order BAMVO's labeled spice jars by filling out the order form on their Instagram page.


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