What a Chef Looks for in Stoves and Ovens

Get some expert insights from Chef Rolando Laudico.

What a Chef Looks for in Stoves and Ovens

Whether you're a newbie dabbling in a few baking projects to earn extra income or a chef preparing a multi-course meal for discerning diners, preparing sumptuous food requires time and effort. When you use trusty tools and reliable equipment, you can confidently prepare just about anything especially this holiday season, when you have guests coming over or customers placing their orders.

Having been in the food and restaurant industry for decades, the man behind Chef Laudico Guevarra's, OK Cafe, and Chef Laudico Catering knows his way in and out of the kitchen.

Chef Lau gives some advice for choosing the right cooktop and oven:



Stoves and ovens should be able take the heat (pun intended) especially when the going gets tough in the kitchen. "I cook every day, so it needs to be reliable in terms of longevity and durability," Chef Lau says.



Make your kitchen look Instagram-worthy with sleek appliances. Chef Lau says of the La Germania cooker, "Its Italian design would be a masterpiece in any kitchen." Here's your peg for that #kitchendesign snap, featuring Chef Lau himself:



Multifunctionality is the name of the game. Chef Lau says, "The oven should have many options like broil, top or bottom heat, convection. And stoves have to have precision in terms of controlling the power of the heat—strong when I need fast cooking or slow for delicate, 'long hours' type of dishes."



"I've been using a La Germania [stove] since I was seven years old, and up to now I still rely on it for cooking beautiful meals for my family and friends. I wouldn't be a chef right now if it weren't for La Germania," shares Chef Lau.


Value for Money

Your kitchen equipment, if they have excellent quality, can last for years with the proper upkeep. "Your stove or oven doesn't need to be the cheapest to have good value," Chef Lau says. "For me, if it lasts [through] years of usage and abuse, then it's well worth it."


Visit any of the La Germania showrooms to see which stove or oven (or both!) deserves a place in your home kitchen.

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