This Genius Food Mixer is Perfect for Condo-Dwellers Who Love to Cook

It's multifunctional and space-saving, too!

This Genius Food Mixer is Perfect for Condo-Dwellers Who Love to Cook

If you live in a condo, every inch of space counts. Condo-dwellers usually look for multipurpose furniture pieces and appliances in order to save space.

Luckily, Bosch's new MUM 8 Professional food processor is a perfect example of that. You can do a lot of tasks using this smart food processor, making it a must-have in the condo of every gourmand.

Here are the wonders you can do with the Bosch MUM84R1 Kitchen Machine Professional 1600W:


Finely chop meat

This food processor lets you come up with finely chopped meat instead of big chunks of meat. It even has a mincing attachment that can process large amounts of ingredients.


Make pasta from scratch

The MUM 8 has three noodle attachments that can let you make spaghetti, tagliatelle, and lasagna. This is perfect for the holidays when you're hosting a party at home.


Whip up different dishes like a pro

Almost all ingredients can be finely chopped—from vegetables to cheese. It even has a grating disc, an Asian food disc, a disc for fries, a potato pancake disc, and a Parmesan grater disc. The possibilities are limitless—you can prep virtually anything you want!


Make your own ice cream and more

You can blend and mix spices, herbs, nuts, chocolates, and fruit. You can even make your own delectable ice cream with this kitchen gadget.


Craft your own drinks

Do you like fresh fruit shakes? How about juices? The MUM 8 food processor comes with a blender, so you can make your favorite drinks with ease. The blades and other components of the MUM 8 are easy to clean, too. 


Bosch's MUM 8 food processor is available at Rustan’s and on

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