6 Things to Add to Your Home to Elevate Your Lifestyle

It’s time to invest in these home appliances!

6 Things to Add to Your Home to Elevate Your Lifestyle

We know you're constantly sprucing up your space, adding a home accent or two, rearranging furniture to keep things looking fresh and new. After all, the goal is to achieve a Pinterest-worthy home, right? To transform your space into the paradise you dream of, you have to keep in mind that home appliances can really elevate your lifestyle, too. We recommend investing in things that will make your day-to-day life easier. 

So if you're ready to level up, you might want to consider checking out these six useful home items from ConcepStore that will help improve your daily activities—from cleaning, cooking, and even just lounging.

Check them out below:

Midea Self-Charging Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Free up more time for yourself and the things you love by delegating floor cleaning to this intelligent, wireless, and self-charging robot vacuum. This vacuum can clean nooks and crannies and wide areas easily. It functions automatically, but you can also control or adjust it from anywhere using its remote control.

Condura Low-Carb Rice Cooker

What if you could have your grains without the gains? Yes, it’s now possible to eat rice without getting too much starch and sugar with this rice cooker. This rice cooker reduces the carbs in your rice by 37% by separating sugar from the starch, which is then stored in the water collector. It’s also multi-function and can cook your rice in many ways: slow cook, quick cook, clay pot rice, porridge, or soup style. You can also reheat during busy days.

Condura Infrared BBQ Grill

Who says you can't host barbecue parties indoors? Grill meat without all the smoke using infrared technology with Condura's Infrared BBQ Grill. This griller directs heat straight to the meat, which cooks meat faster resulting in evenly grilled meat (without the burnt edges!) that’s moist and juicy.

Carrier Ice Maker

Summer will surely get you craving cold treats more often. Upgrade your home life with this portable ice maker that won’t make you wait for your ice. This ice maker makes ice in just around seven minutes. You can choose between small or large bullets and store them for up to 18 hours in it, too. Because it’s portable, you can have your frosty treats anywhere you want, too.

Condura Digital Steam Air Fryer

If your goal is to get healthy, consider getting this Condura Digital Steam Air Fryer. This fryer will help you cook healthy air-fried meals while retaining your food’s moisture sans the use of cooking oil. The result: crispy and juicy food without the unhealthy grease! It also includes a low-sugar rice button, great if you're trying to watch what you eat.

Carrier Dehumidifier

The summer season in the Philippines is humid, so a dehumidifier is a great tool to help keep your air fresh, healthy, and comfortable. It removes excess moisture from the air resulting in fresher air and keeps allergies at bay for those sensitive to mildew. This is especially useful during hot summer days—it can help remove the sticky feeling you get from the humidity and also prevents molds from growing on your valuables like luxury leather items, clothes, and even your precious art collection. Plus, it also helps dry damp clothes faster.

These are just six of the many useful home improvement items you can get from ConcepStore. The shop carries appliances only from trusted brands like Carrier, Condura, Toshiba, and Midea.

Another great feature of ConcepStore is its customer experience. You can expect fast responses to inquiries, free 24-hour delivery, great after-sales support, and a one-year replacement warranty.

To shop, check out ConcepStore’s official website and register for an account—you might just score deals and discounts!

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