A Bright and Refreshing Makeover for a 22sqm Unit

Interior designer Nikki Audine worked with pastel colors, extra storage solutions, and customized pieces to turn this once cramped unit into a functional and welcoming home

Original Article: Bubbles Salvador Photography: Dairy Darilag (Before) and Kurt Alvarez (After) Styling: Tala Singson Interior Designer: Nikki Audine

How do you make a fresh start in life? Some apply for a new job, others take a long vacation, and there are those who move into a new house or work on a renovation project just to change their surroundings. After dealing with a devastating event, the owners of this unit longed to turn the page and begin again.

A Real Living reader with a passion for small spaces, the lady of the house hoped to improve the space but certain factors made it seem impossible. She took a chance, wrote to RL, and the rest is history. Interior designer Nikki Audine stepped in and took note of the problems that needed to be addressed. After the makeover, the couple can now come home to a functional space that's inviting, airy, and complete with a charming aesthetic.


To heal and move on, the owners started a business venture that involves art, graphics, and baby birth info. Given the original state of the space, it may seem difficult to get some work done. Nikki turned the nook by the windows into a Pinterest-worthy work area that now serves as the unit's focal point.

With natural light streaming into the space, it can be easy to focus and feel inspired. The designer customized a work table that's big enough to accommodate both husband and wife. The table has enough compartments for printers and gadgets, while the surface on top is perfect for accessories and decor. To complete the look, Nikki also got a pair of metal chairs from AllHome.

Sprucing up the table, the wall, and the ledge above the window are various knickknacks from AllHome.

Storage and Entertainment Center

Prior to the makeover, the huge closet takes up space beside the bed—blocking the light coming in from the outside. To maximize the space, Nikki placed it at the foot of the bed beside the new TV console table with wooden finish from AllHome. The designer had the handles repainted to match the closet which was also repainted to go with the new look of the home.

According to the owners, they found it difficult to organize their essentials given the limited space. To solve this, Nikki brought in organizers and storage baskets that can be easily stored on top of the closet and below the console table.

It also helped that the owners were more than willing to let go of items they no longer used. This made organizing and fitting everything inside the unit easier. Wall-mounted shelves above the TV were added to hold photographs, faux plants, and wall art.

Sleeping Area

There are different quotes and instances that explain perfect timing, but this makeover takes the cake. The owners are expecting a baby and what better way to welcome the new bundle of joy than in a relaxing, newly improved space? Nikki noted that the colors added to the constricted look of the unit so it has to be solved. The designer agreed when the owners brought up the possibility of using pastel colors.

Different colors were used to paint geometric patterns on the wall—making it extra interesting. The use of patterns and light colors helped lighten up the ambiance of the space and make it look bigger. Adding to calming feel is a clear vase filled with fresh eucalyptus. The side table was repainted to match the other storage pieces as well.

Window nook

Who wouldn't feel inspired to work and get tasks done in such a pretty nook? Aside from maximizing the windows as spots to showcase various accessories, it can also give the owners a welcome break with the view outside. Nikki chose Roman shades to dress up the windows as these can be pulled up instantly. It also matches the dainty vibe of the unit.

To be able to make the most of a tiny space, the owners also noted the importance of decluttering and prioritizing items that you really need. You can donate some of the pieces that you won't be using anymore, too.

Most of the pieces used in the makeover are from AllHome. Click here to learn more.

Ready for your own makeover? Get in touch with interior designer Nikki Audine at vvaudine[at] or at (0917) 823-2118

Read the original article ("Visual Play") in the February 2017 issue of Real Living Magazine. Download your digital copy of Real Living on the Real Living App. Log on to for more details.

*Ed's note: Final cost does not include designer's fee.

How Much It Costs:

Sofa bed, chairs, side table, ottoman - P 25,000
Labor and assorted construction materials - P 35,000
Grand Total:

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