A 10sqm Bedroom Makeover

Smart storage solutions and a pop of blue complete this small space transformation

Original Article: Amillah Rodil Photography: Dakila Angeles Styling: Geolette Esguerra

While a tiny bedroom can be cozy, it has a tendency to look cramped and uninviting—especially if proper storage solutions aren’t in place. In this 10sqm bedroom, a mom of two only had a closet and a column of open shelves for her things. Since she has a lot to organize, it’s quite a given to see her essentials—bags, clothes, shoes, and makeup—taking over the tiny room.

To give the owner enough storage space for her belongings, Real Living worked with (then) architecture students from the University of the Philippines. Gigi Nueva, Rommel Baluyut, Geolette Esguerra, and Ken Surat teamed up to transform the cluttered private space into an organized and pleasing sanctuary with these solutions:

1. Opt for unique storage pieces.

One of the major problems in the small bedroom is the lack of storage. Above the bed, the students installed a one-of-a-kind shelf. Instead of settling for an ordinary shelving unit, the wall shelf highlights horizontal planks jutting out of the casing. This move by the students gave the owner extra inches for accessories and photos. The planks also add to the modern feel of the bedroom.

Notice the framed art in the middle of the shelf? The students installed a shelf with a flat square in the middle meant for displaying art. Aside from showcasing a work of art, it can also be used to display photographs.

2. Accentuate with color.

From the plain space, the owner can now come home to a relaxing bedroom. The wall behind the bed was painted periwinkle blue—a color that adds depth and a soothing feel to the space. To achieve balance, the rest of the walls were painted in neutral beige.

Don’t forget the varnish, too. The shelves, display case, and bed frame were coated in dark varnish to match the blue wall. A sprayed-on varnish was used for better coverage. Meanwhile, the existing gold cabinet knobs were replaced with darker ones to go with the new look of the furniture pieces.

3. Use baskets to keep things in place.

The bed was customized to accommodate cabinets underneath. Since the original 0.9m height was too high, sitting on it became quite difficult. To correct the piece, the students cut a third of its supports to make it more comfortable and safer—especially when the owner’s kids sleep in the room, too.

Instead of allotting space for cabinets, baskets with side handles from Dapitan were used to organize essentials and kids' toys. 

4. Maximize shelving.

Prior to the makeover, the TV was supported by a metal rack. The owner used to hang her clothes on it, too. To improve this part of the bedroom, the design team brought in a waist-high floor shelf to hold the TV. More shelves were installed and presented like an inverted letter J to frame the TV. These shelves also hold a few décor pieces and the owner’s ceramic masks.

An open shelf near the closet used to be a cluttered corner in the room. For a cohesive look and to conceal the owner’s belongings, frosted glass doors were installed.

Ready for your own makeover? Get in touch with Gigi Nueva, Rommel Baluyut, Ken Surat, and Geolette Esguerra at (0919) 362-8702 (Gigi) or (0915) 542-6790 (Geolette).

Read the original article ("Room for more") in the May 2005 issue of Real Living Magazine. Download your digital copy of Real Living on the Real Living App. Log on to for more details.

*Ed's note: Final cost does not include designer's fee.

How Much It Costs:

Shelves, TV stand, and frosted glass cabinet doors - P 8,500
Paint and tools - P 883
Labor for painting - P 300
Robinsons Metro East
Curtain cloth, pillowcases, runner - P 850
SM Department Store
White picture frame - P 250
Dapitan Arcade
Small picture frames, baskets - P 330
Sewing of curtain loops - P 450
Cabinet handles - P 149
Grand Total:

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