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Should You Buy or Construct Your New Home?

Here are some things to consider before you make your big decision.

Should You Buy or Construct Your New Home?

For most of your life, you have waited for this: living in your own home. This means you have already made it. It's the biggest reward you can give yourself after years of hard work.

But now that you have the means to build that dream home of yours, questions crop up. Do you want a garden or a view of the city? Would you rather have a customized space or a unit ready for occupancy? These questions are all valid. After all, this may be the biggest investment you will ever have to make for the place you and your family will call home for life.

Before you ink any deals, take some of these things into consideration:

1. Location

These days, most lots for sale are in the far south or north of Metro Manila, which can mean longer travel time, given the traffic situation in the metro. If you want to build your own place from the ground up, consider where you will do so and the estimated travel time from that place to work and school.

However, there's always the option to make a home out of built spaces. Condos give access to most establishments, the same way most townhouses in the metro do, from your favorite restaurants to hospitals and schools.

2. Space

One thing that affordable spaces in the metro cannot offer is the luxury of space. A customized space will give you the option of creating every room you would want to have. A reading nook? Check. A spacious kitchen with an island? Check. A garden with a pond? Big check.

Then again, if you're up for the challenge to make the most out of the small spaces in townhouses and condos, there are countless workarounds to make your home still worth featuring in a magazine.

3. Cost

Everything still boils down to your budget. A dream home can turn into reality only if you can afford it. Good thing there are numerous ways to help you with financing. One option you can avail of is the Metrobank Home Loan. With only five working days to get approval, you can avail of a minimum loan amount of P1 million. You can use it for your new home purchase, construction, or even renovations.

With the Metrobank Home Loan Great Rates Sale, payments are also flexible to your liking. Amortization fees are kept at a minimum, from 5.50% to 5.00% for one-year payment; 6.25% to 5.75% for the three-year interval; and 6.88% to 6.38% for a five-year period. Just make sure the property you want to buy is worth within the P1.25 million to P1.6 million range to qualify for the promo.

Make your dream home a reality. Apply before May 17 and enjoy exclusive rates starting at 5.00% p.a. Apply online via the Metrobank Home Loan microsite.


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