This Condo's Features Will Have You Relaxing in No Time

Imagine having your very own bike playground and pocket parks!

This Condo's Features Will Have You Relaxing in No Time

Living in the city can be exhausting. Between the daily traffic congestion and pollution, we can all agree that living in Metro Manila is not a walk in the park.

Thankfully, there are neighborhoods in the city that entice you to stay and call it home. Take for example, Circulo Verde. This tranquil, secure, yet centrally located community will change your perception of living in the busy city. 

Take in the view of the Sierra Madre.

Enjoy the amenities the Circulo Verde community has to offer by securing your spot in it. Your home can already give you unfiltered access to nature: Ibiza Tower, for example, is a 24-story condominium with units featuring a balcony that gives you an amazing view of the Sierra Madre mountain range and the Ortigas Center skyline. There are also other facilities that make your home much more than just a condo unit: There are sky gardens, a swimming pool, a children's playground, even a gym.

Stroll along the close-knit neighborhood.

The good thing about Circulo Verde is it promotes camaraderie within the community. Imagine jogging or biking around the neighborhood, knowing you’re safe and secure among familiar faces and sights. Children and pets have a lot of space to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while making a new friend or two. 

Work up a sweat at The Bike Playground.

Sports enthusiasts can pump their wheels at The Bike Playgroundthe country's first indoor asphalt pump parkwhich opened in March 2017. Kids and adults alike can get some exercise while getting their adrenaline fix, all without leaving the city.

Walk your furry pal at Hachi Park.

Pets are also welcome in the area. There's an off-leash dog facility called Hachi Park, named after Japan's loyal dog Hachiko, where you can let your dog roam around securely behind its 1.2-meter fence.

Feel at ease in a green community.

Adding to this laidback and easy-going vibe are the rows of trees along Circulo Verde’s pavements, as well as the multitude of open spaces and pocket parks where you can relax, stretch your arms, and let go of your day's worries.

Live comfortably with modern conveniences.

Walking is very much encouraged inside Circulo Verde, and you can see it in the well-laid-out traffic plan that prioritizes pedestrians. It's also an added convenience that Industria Mall, which has rows of restaurants and stores, is just a stone's throw away from your home.

Urban living can get to you after some time, but when you’re staying in the right neighborhood and living in the right home, it's easy to fall in love with the city all over again.

For more information on Circulo Verde, visit the website here.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Circulo Verde.
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