4 Things to Look for in a Family-Friendly Community

Scouting for a location for your family's first home? Check out this guide.

4 Things to Look for in a Family-Friendly Community

There's nothing more rewarding and exciting than finally taking the leap and buying your family's first home. It's not just a good investment; it's also the perfect start to building a strong bond with your growing family.

But before you start investing in a new home, it's important to evaluate the property you're eyeing to see if the community around it would fit your family's needs. Here are things you should always look out for when scouting for a community that your family can call home: 

1. Accessibility

One of the things you need to consider when finding a place to live is its accessibility to public transport systems. In case you don't have a family car available, this allows your family members to commute wherever they need to go. 

2. Proximity to major establishments

Part of living in an accessible community is making sure that your home is close to establishments such as schools, offices, commercial centers, and places of worship. A home that's just a few minutes away from these locations is not only convenient; it also gives you more time for your family. Look for a community that allows families to live, learn, work, play, and pray.

3. Recreational facilities

Make sure your community has a venue for families to get together and bond. Community swimming pools, playgrounds, and clubhouses are ideal for active playtime with your kids. Function halls are also great for hosting parties without having to worry about how to fit everyone in your home for a birthday bash or a family reunion. 

4. Fun community events for the whole family

It's always great to find a neighborhood that fosters family bonding moments through special weekend activities. These events help build a strong community of loving families and allows you to socialize with your neighbors while having fun with your own bunch.

Property Company of Friends (Pro-Friends), for instance, makes it a mission to build family-friendly communities such as Lancaster New City in Cavite. The more than 1,400-hectare real estate development is composed of residential communities, a network of schools, a commercial-retail-business district with an IT Park, multiple community centers, and a place of worship that make family dwelling all the better.

On May 1, Pro-Friends is hosting the Grand Family Weekend event at Lancaster New City. The weekend fair aims to give families a taste of what the family-friendly city has to offer. It also features fun-filled activities such as a Family Fun Run, a 3D Trick Art Wall, a Kite Flying Festival, Life-Size Games, Arts and Crafts Workshops, a Wellness Corner, and a Healthy Weekend Market. 

Want to sign up for these events? Click here to join the Grand Family Weekend. See you there!


This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Pro-friends.