3 Things that Renters Look For in a Condo

Here’s the list of things you need for a more renter-friendly unit.

3 Things that Renters Look For in a Condo

Investing in properties has always been a sure and safe way to increase your assets. Especially nowadays when leasing out becomes such a popular method of earning in light of the boom in tourism (think AirBnB), a residential unit of your own can be a lucrative source of income.

It’s not going to be as simple as getting a unit and then expecting people to sign up for it, though. Renters tend to look for very specific features and would like to have reassurances. No matter how short their stay may be at your place, it should feel worth it for them. Here are the top three things you should think about for your prospective clients when leasing out your property:

1. Ideal Location

As with any real estate-related transaction, location becomes the number one consideration. It would be great to have a property in a district that will be accessible not only to the tourist hotspots, but also to the different types of transportation, utilities, and places of business.

A traveling businessman would most likely prefer a short travel time to their meeting venues or everyday work. It’s going to be a huge plus if the location can guarantee safety and security, too, especially because they’re not all that familiar with the area. ACQUA Private Residences, in particular, meets this requirement with its gated communities and reinforced ‘round-the-clock security.

2. Utility of Space

One of the supposed downsides of condominium living is that it tends to have limited and shared space. Depending on your budget and preference, you can have a studio or a unit with up to three bedrooms. With the right balance of creativity and functionality, you can work out a great way to maximize the space that you have.

You can find a way to fit all the essential furniture and appliances in a few square meters of an open space to convert it into a living room, study, dining room, and kitchen in one. Keep in mind, too, that someone else will be using that space, so don’t customize too much and aim for the right amount of flexibility in layout and design.

3. Lessee-Friendly

Should you buy a condo property for investment purposes, go for a unit that not only is accessible and has great spatial use, but also, and more importantly, is lessee- or renter-friendly. Among the top considerations are efficient check-in and check-out processes, key services like housekeeping and property maintenance, and an orderly billing system. As the unit owner, these are property management support you'd want, too, for your own convenience and peace of mind.

SIGLO Suites by Century Properties, for example, offers exclusive, specialty management and leasing service to unit owners who would like to open their units to short- or long-term transient customers. By giving this kind of support service, the owner can confidently lease out their units while the renters can feel safe and secure in their temporary home. If you're pursuing property investment for business, think about these factors, and go for a decision that would not only suit the needs of your future clients but also be to your best advantage.

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