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5 House-hunting Tips for Newlyweds

Follow this advice for building your own home sweet home

5 House-hunting Tips for Newlyweds

House hunting is serious business, but it can also be an interesting adventure with your spouse. Does this unit fit your budget? Is it near your place of work? Is it safe? These are just some of the questions you usually ask yourselves as you go from one open house or showroom to another.

Here are some tips for newlyweds looking for a family home to call your own:


Put a premium on security

Is your target house or location safe enough for you to walk the streets at night? Is it equipped with ample security measures? A well-distributed and alert set of security guards, immediate access to a police station, and CCTV or monitoring technology are some of the things that you may want to have for a peaceful night's sleep.

Prioritize accessibility

With many developments sprawling outside Metro Manila, it is very tempting to quickly purchase a home from these thriving areas. However, it is important to still consider proximity to places you frequent. Assess how near this potential home is to your work, places of worship, hospitals and clinics, schools, commercial centers, and other locations you need to visit (say, your in-laws' house). Given how challenging commuting and driving in this country can be, traveling long distances can be impractical.

Check out the community

Aside from the physical features of the home, the quality of the community is also important. If you are keen on raising kids in the future, their environment can be made more nurturing if you establish good relationships with the neighbors, who can form part of your support system and social circle. Get a pulse of the community culture by taking a look at the local bulletin boards and newsletters.

Make allowances for upgrades

For now, a one-bedroom unit or house may be enough for you and your spouse. Later on, though, you may want to expand—perhaps convert the garage into another bedroom or add a small play area for your future kids. When looking for a home, try to think of potential improvements that you may want to do and see if the house or unit can accommodate these.

Buy a home within your means

Ultimately, the price tag is one of the most important considerations in your house-hunting journey. Can you afford the family home of your dreams? What are your options?

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