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Where to Buy Power Tools for Your DIY Home Renovation

These powerful devices will help you get the job done quicker and safer.

Where to Buy Power Tools for Your DIY Home Renovation

Admit it: Renovating your home is a nice idea that crosses your mind from time to time, but because the thought of it is so daunting for your mind and your wallet, you never actually get to the part where you put in the work. Well, the right tools (and a heavy dose of perseverance) can help you get the job done easier especially if you’re planning to DIY the whole process to save some cash.

If you don’t know where to start looking, just head to the nearest Wilcon Depot—it’s a haven for those looking to improve their homes. Wilcon Depot has been around for over 40 years and has since become a top-of-mind hardware store because of its extensive product selection of trusted local and international brands like Hills power tools.

When it comes to a DIY home renovation, you’re going to need all kinds of power tools. Hills offers all kinds: electric drills, impact drills, rotary hammers, electric mixers, angle grinder, electric planer, orbital sander, jigsaw, electric blower, cut-off machine, and demolition hammer are some of the basic power tools you’ll need for a smooth and efficient home renovation process.

For those who value ease and safety, Hills also offers cordless versions of selected power tools—a great option for those who really want to minimize the little hassles that come with DIY home renovation.

When it comes to durability, Hills takes pride in designing power tools that are built to perform at a higher speed and for a longer period of time—in short, there’s no need to worry because Hills power tools are built to last. One of the reasons these heavy-duty devices last long is because of their efficient ventilation and cooling which makes sure that heat is effectively dissipated, extending the machine's service life.

Ready to gear up for your DIY home renovation? Check out some of the Hills power tools you can shop from Wilcon Depot:

Apart from high-performance power tools, Hills is looking to expand its offerings to include innovative hand tools, PPEs, garden tools, cleaning tools, heavy-duty equipment, various tools and accessories, and building solutions. This is in line with their goal that every engineer, architect, contractor, home builder, and building professional can work with confidence, resulting in better workmanship and efficient work.

Feeling motivated? Wilcon Depot has 76 stores nationwide, so you’re sure to find a branch near you. You can also shop online.

For more information about Wilcon, you can log on to www.wilcon.com.ph or follow their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Subscribe and connect with them on Viber Community, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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