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A Contemporary Makeover for an Outdated Condo Unit in Ortigas

Inspired by chiaroscuro, a treatment focusing on the contrast of light and shade, Space Project Interior Design Services turned the old condo unit into a modern haven

Photography: courtesy of Space Project (Before) and OLA Interior Photography (After) Interior Designer: Space Project Interior Design Services

When it comes to renovating old spaces, there are many considerations that need to be made – from checking the state of the finishes to studying the layout of the unit thoroughly.

Spacious yet outdated, this condo unit in Ortigas holds a lot of promise in terms of what can be done to give it a new look. According to Space Project Interior Design Services, the owners simply requested for a black and white theme as well as to retain the parquet floors which are still in good condition.


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“The main challenge is coming up with a layout for the space. The actual issue is overcoming the walls of the general area and the boy’s bedroom,” explains IDr. Ken Ferolino of Space Project. Tackling a difficult layout requires expertise as it’s important to maximize every inch of space especially in condo units. Aside from the general area and bedroom, there are also slanted walls to be taken into consideration.


To keep within the owners’ budget, the design team limited the demolition work and retained the major features of the unit. They replaced the windows and doors as well as repaired the damaged areas. More importantly, they checked all electrical connections and upgraded the panel board to ensure safety.

Check out the transformation of the condo unit below:


“The chiaroscuro inspired us to work with their chosen theme given the current site conditions and limited sunlight,” says Ken. To go with the concept, the design team used gray tints and shadows. The entryway is defined by the gray door and walls.

To make it functional, shoe storage was added as well as a rack where bags, caps, and other essentials can be kept.

watch now

Adding furniture pieces in a small space needs to be intentional. In this part of the condo, a vintage trunk in blank provides storage while also holding décor pieces.

BEFORE: Living and Dining Areas

Prior to the renovation, the living and dining areas follow an open layout, with a large mirror installed on one side to visually enlarge the space. The furniture and furnishings look dated, making the area seem uninviting.

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AFTER: Living and Dining Areas


“The living and dining areas were designed for interaction, with space that can be used for purposes other than their intended ones,” says Ken.

The head of the family requested for the accent chair by the window as he wanted to have a lounging area in the corner. Since the family also enjoys sports, storage is essential. Aside from using the shelves of the bar area to store books, the wall-mounted media cabinet can also be used to organize other essentials and gaming must-haves.

The upholstered sofa is inviting and comfy, making it perfect for movie nights.

AFTER: Dining Area

From this angle, you can see that the design team combined the bar and dining areas to create an L-shape that embraces the sofa. “The bar area can be used as a workstation for any family member while others can lounge for entertainment,” adds Ken.

BEFORE: Kitchen


“The old kitchen area was a concrete structure that took up a lot of space,” says Ken. “The only issue we have is the limited movement allowed and the number of users,” he adds. Given the compact countertop, prepping meals in the old kitchen seemed challenging.

AFTER: Kitchen

The client initially wanted to have a kitchen island but the building rules caused the design team to change their plans. To revamp the kitchen, they had to extend the countertop to make more space since the son loves to cook.

“We provided plenty of storage space for everything, from pots and pans, to spices,” shares Ken. The design team also demolished the old cabinets to make way for modular ones.

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BEFORE: Hallway

Though painted white and with enough lighting, the hallway looked uninviting with blank walls leading up to the bedrooms.

AFTER: Hallway


Fresh coats of white paint brighten up the hallway. Instead of leaving the walls blank, framed pieces line up the walls, showcasing the family’s love for art.

BEFORE: Common T&B

The old common bathroom featured a tiled shower enclosure, a plastic shower curtain, and dated fixtures.

AFTER: Common T&B

“The common toilet and bath exude luxury in a dark finish with the help of materials that also exude elegance. The fixtures were also replaced with new ones,” explains the interior designer.

BEFORE: Boy’s Bedroom

The design team admits that given the boy’s bedroom’s slanted wall, it was difficult to finalize the layout of the space.

AFTER: Boy’s Bedroom


“We kept the bed on the slanted wall and we managed to provide him with a small nightstand on which to place his phone and other small items,” Ken says. The bedroom is painted white and gray to reflect the unit’s color palette.

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BEFORE: Boy’s Bedroom

The overall look of the bedroom is simple, with a bed, a mirror, and a stool completing the space.

AFTER: Boy’s Bedroom

To maximize the space, they were also able to incorporate a small desk to create a study area.

Aside from the wall-mounted shelves, there’s also a sleek cabinet where clothes and other essentials can be kept.

BEFORE: Girl’s Bedroom


The girl’s bedroom opposes the boy’s bedroom, with both spaces featuring an odd layout. Furnishings were kept to a minimum as well.

AFTER: Girl’s Bedroom

The room has a white color scheme, with touches of brown to accentuate the space and keep it from looking bland.

BEFORE: Girl’s Bedroom

The walls were kept bare, with a lone wall print sprucing up the vertical space.

AFTER: Girl’s Bedroom

The design team was able to place a cabinet for clothes, built-in shelves for essentials, and a compact study/work area.

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BEFORE: Master Bedroom


The master bedroom has ample space and big windows that let in natural light. The furniture pieces need to be updated and it could use some fresh coats of paint.

AFTER: Master Bedroom

“For this area, the client requested for something different. They wanted a textured wall and a tropical touch to the pieces,” says Ken. To deliver this, the walls have a certain raw, unfinished feel which works well with the tropical touches.

BEFORE: Master Bedroom

Dark-colored cabinets were placed at the foot of the bed, following the color scheme of the other cabinets in the unit.

AFTER: Master Bedroom

The wooden bed features solihiya details, which complements the matching cabinets flanking the bed. “The framed cabinet doors and the area rug break the monotony of the aesthetics,” adds the interior designer.


Aside from the geometrical elements seen on the rug, the design team made sure to showcase it on the furniture as well. The cabinet under the TV has a lovely herringbone pattern detail that also adds texture to the room.

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BEFORE: Master T&B

The en suite toilet and bath had a proper shower enclosure but the tiles and fixtures need to be updated as well.

AFTER: Master T&B

The en suite T&B is decorated in light and beige, which complements the sleeping space. Ken and Space Project made sure to level up the space with proper lighting, enough storage, premium fixtures, and high-end finishes.


Space Project Interior Design Services would like to recognize student interns: John Micko Navarosa from University of San Agustin (Iloilo) and Christine Supremo from University of San Carlos (Cebu) for their help in completing this project.


Interested to work with Space Project Interior Design Services? You can get in touch with them through email at info[at]spidsvc.com. You can also call them at (0935) 213-5006. Follow them on Facebook at Space Project Interior Design Services.

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