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10 Before-and-After Photos of a Total Home Renovation

Here's a closer look at the changes done by interior designer Sharlene Lanzarrote to improve the 63sqm space

Photography: courtesy of IDr. Sharlene Lanzarrote (Before) and Fotophilia (After) Interior Designer: IDr. Sharlene Lanzarrote

There’s something inspiring about seeing the before-and-after photos of major renovation projects. Aside from giving you an idea or two of how you can improve your own space, each photograph also proves that a better house can be achieved with the right vision, quality materials, and a reliable design professional.

Take for example the project of interior designer Sharlene Lanzarrote that we featured recently. Meant to be a retirement home, the dated house deserved an overhaul and Sharlene rose to the occasion by working on a modern farmhouse-inspired aesthetic.

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Below, we share side-by-side photos of the key areas before and after the renovation so you can look closely at the changes done by the interior designer.

Before-and-After Photos of a Renovated Bungalow


First impressions last. In revamping the exterior of the house, Sharlene made sure to set the tone right by opting for white paint and highlighting the well-thought-out windows.


Since the house has a high ceiling, the designer made sure to add clerestory windows. In the entryway, the flooring was changed as well as the main door. Sharlene also made this part of the house more functional by adding a shelf where décor pieces and other essentials can be kept.


Living Area

The layout of the house was retained to save on costs. In the living area, the designer incorporated clerestory windows to let in natural light and maintain the maaliwalas look. Instead of adding furniture pieces, Sharlene opted to have custom bay window sofa with storage which creates more seating space while also providing the owners storage solutions.

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Sharlene loves the archway leading to the kitchen and dining areas. According to the designer, they decided to exaggerate the height and width of the opening to make it really captivating.

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Kitchen and Dining Areas

While the old kitchen had enough cabinets, the overall look can use some updating. The dated cabinets were replaced with laminated wood cabinets, the flooring was changed, and an island was added as extra prep space.


What makes the kitchen special is the addition of a sky light to keep it well-lit and the placement of the solid acacia wood dining set.


Similar to what’s done in the other areas of the house, a clerestory window was placed above the main windows to bathe the room in natural light. Taking the space of the bulky cabinet is a comfy study area.


Common Bathroom

The common T&B now looks modern with large format tiles, a sink with storage, and premium fixtures completing the look.

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Master Bedroom


The master bedroom is reminiscent of a posh Airbnb given its color palette, finishes, and the sliding barn door that leads to the bathroom.

The panel headboard in grayish blue symbolizes the ocean which works well with the helm above the headboard. Both details represent the client who is a seaman.


Master Bathroom

Similar to what’s done in the other bathroom, Sharlene updated this private space with new fixtures. By combining wood and concrete touches, the designer was able to create a modern yet homey look.

Read more about this house and see more photos when you click here.



Interested to work with interior designer Sharlene Lanzarrote? You can visit her website: www.sharlenelanzarrote.com. You can also follow Sharlene Lanzarrote Interior Design Services on Facebook and @sharlenelanzarroteinteriors on Instagram.

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