Refreshing Colors Update A Plain Bedroom

To help a widower move on and start anew, interior designer Erika Uichanco turned a dull and uninspired sleeping space into a charming, country-inspired sanctuary

Original Article: Bubbles Salvador Photography: Dairy Darilag Styling: Tala Singson Interior Designer: Erika Uichanco

For over a decade, Real Living has been working on makeovers that help homeowners achieve an improved space. Whether it’s a major overhaul or a two-week renovation, we’ve seen how even the simplest of transformations can impact lives, too. Continuing RL’s tradition of helping you realize your best space yet, we’re excited to share that will soon be having its series of original makeovers beginning this month.

While patiently waiting for our first makeover, let’s revisit the magazine’s final makeover feature last July. After seeing Real Living’s post about a makeover contest, sisters KC and Anne thought of joining to help their father move on and start anew after their mother passed away. The two hoped to give the master bedroom a makeover since it’s where their mother stayed in for years. “Parang naging mini hospital yung room. This room needed a makeover the most, so we could move forward,” shares KC.

As if willed by fate, interior designer Erika Uichanco was tasked to work on the room. Since she shared a similar experience, working on the project went smoothly. The master bedroom is already spacious so the designer had to change the layout to make it more functional, add accents, and liven it up with refreshing colors. After the makeover, KC, Anne, and their father were more than happy with the result. “Di namin na-imagine na magiging ganyan ang itsura. Siyempre old house na rin ito. Parang hotel!” the man of the house exclaims. For KC, the new look of the room meant something bigger. “Sobra-sobrang pasasalamat namin for this chance to have a makeover. Hindi lang ito room-changing, pero life-changing pa,” she shares.

Using paints sourced from Wilcon Depot, Erika brought the space to life with a refreshing combination of light blue and off-white.

The light blue matches the color of the furniture pieces and gives the room a light, airy feel. Erika decided to retain the solid narra furniture pieces found in the bedroom since these are still in good condition. "Medyo feminine yung furniture, maganda sya. The light blue balances everything," she shares. Aside from painting the furniture off-white  and the walls in blue, the designer added accents on the walls and ceiling as well. 

Erika installed wainscoting or panelling on the walls as extra accents. The same materials were used on the ceiling for a cohesive look. Look closely at the headboard and see how the off-white paint revealed its ornate details.

Since the bedroom is already spacious, the designer did a few adjustments to give the occupant enough space to move around.

After moving the bed to the center, Erika added a small side table with a comfy chair by the window. It can function as a conversation nook, a reading corner, or simply as a spot where KC's father can enjoy a cup of coffee while watching TV. Sheer white curtains let in natural light, with darker drapes on the side to block the harsh rays of the sun during afternoons.

Delightful shades of blue lend a calming feel to the improved bedroom.

By painting the furniture pieces in the same color, the room looks more cohesive. Adding interest to the space is a lighter shade of teal, giving the bedroom a cozy ambiance reminiscent of hotels and resorts. Moving the vanity dresser beside the TV cabinet frees up the space near the window, allowing Erika to add a couple of wall accents.

Decluttering and adding plants as part of the decor can help polish a room's look.

From a cluttered cabinet, the occupant now has an organized storage piece where he can keep books and other belongings. In any transformation, it's best to let go of things you no longer use to make way for more important daily essentials. Potted plants and flowers in sleek vases can instantly bring nature indoors. The plants used as accents in the bedroom further highlight the fresh new look of the space.

Ready for your own home makeover? Get in touch with interior designer Erika Uichanco through email at: erika.uichanco[at]

Read the original article ("A Fresh Start") in the July 2017 issue of Real Living Magazine. 

*Ed's note: Final cost does not include designer's fee.

How Much It Costs:

Wilcon Depot
Paint, accessories, construction materials, linen - P 50,000
Labor and assorted construction materials - P 30,000
Grand Total:

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