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A Senior Couple Renovated Their Dirty Kitchen for Around Php270K

Photography: courtesy of the Homeowners

Ever since the owners of this home in Cagayan de Oro built their home in 2004, they preferred cooking their meals in the dirty kitchen. “We don’t want the paint and our interiors to get rotten because of oil splashes,” says Corazon, the lady of the house.

While the setup worked for the family, it’s still challenging to prepare meals in the dirty kitchen, especially when it’s raining since they have to use an umbrella. Just recently, Corazon was inspired to renovate the outdoor kitchen after his son’s wedding. “My new daughter-in-law is a cooking enthusiast,” she shares.

In photo: Clutter can be spotted in the area and it used to have bare walls. According to Corazon, they have a formal kitchen inside the home but as much as possible, cooking was done in the dirty kitchen to avoid oil splashes on the interior walls.


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Corazon and her husband worked on the 9sqm space, with an architect helping with the layout and final drawings of the kitchen. Corazon’s husband focused on the structural design and the materials to be used while she handled the overall aesthetic of the area. They settled on an industrial-meets-country look, with wooden touches completing the area.

In just 45 days, the family now has a more inviting “dirty kitchen”—a special place where they can spend time together preparing and enjoying meals.

A P270K dirty kitchen renovation:


An architect helped finalize the layout of the cooking/laundry area. The countertop runs the length of the space, with the laundry nook located at the far end near the window.

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One of the most interesting features of the renovated dirty kitchen is the ceiling. According to the owners, they used rectangular tubes, twin-wall polycarbonate roofing sheets, and wood-colored paint.

Excluding the budget spent on new appliances, the owners spent around P270k for the renovation which took 45 days to finish. They hired trusted and recommended workers to turn their vision into reality.


Corazon and her husband sourced the materials in different hardware stores in Cagayan de Oro. Most of the items they used were bought from Home Depot and Citi Hardware.

They got the wooden shelves from Facebook Marketplace. “We love the look of the dirty kitchen. It’s cozy, homey, has good ventilation, and it reflects my personality. I love to decorate,” says Corazon who also owns a home décor shop.

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When working on home improvement projects, Corazon says it’s important to focus and work hard. “My husband and I are senior citizens. We stay home most of the time so why not make it look the best,” she muses.

The lady of the house says it’s also a must to make the space functional. Since the laundry area is also in the space, they made sure the sink is placed near the washing machine. It’s also big enough to allow efficient washing. Another important consideration? Storage! They have cabinets under the sink to keep the dirty kitchen tidy and organized.

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