These Small Bedroom Makeovers Will Inspire You to Rearrange Yours

So, so cozy!

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Room makeovers are always fun to watch, especially if you're able to get tricks and tricks on how to apply changes in your own. If your personal space is small, then you're in luck: there has been an abundance of small room makeovers in recent years. They're great to use as references because they share tips and tricks on how to maximize your area.

If you're looking for some inspo for your room makeover, check out these tiny bedroom tours below:

Small Bedroom Makeovers To Watch For Inspo

Don't worry if you're tight on budget. You can still fix up your room—just check out how this girl managed to spruce up her space with just P1,000!

If you're a K-pop fan, you can find some inspo on how to store your merch in this video.

If you still want to incorporate plants in your small room, this one's for you:


Don't have enough space for a bedframe? You can simply go with your mattress—if you can add a bit of support underneath it, the better.

For those who want their rooms mostly white with pastel pops of color, get inspired by this space (you'd also want to check out how she works with storage):

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If you have very limited space, this girl does a great job of maximizing all the nooks and crannies of her room!

You may have noticed a proliferation of neutral-colored walls and fixutres in these videos, and that's understandable—bright surroundings often make a space look bigger. If you're feeling experimental, however, it's not impossible to use dark colors in tiny rooms. Dark colors can create shadow or depth, and can express a more muted mood or even help put the spotlight on interesting furniture pieces. Case-in-point, this beautiful 39sqm maximalist condo we previously featured:


Another way to do it is by going high-contrast: dark walls against crisp creams and whites on window frames and curtains, bedsheets, and other accents. Feel free to play around! In your space, anything is possible.

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