2022 Must-Have: A Well-Deserved Tile Upgrade

Perfect for accent walls and floors!

2022 Must-Have: A Well-Deserved Tile Upgrade

2022 is only a few days away! The new year can bring forth the desire for change not just for yourself, but for your home as well. Set a new tone for your home and start planning your next tile makeover. Tiles can help transform surfaces and invoke a unique taste and even create a timeless elegance for your space. Choose quality tiles that can work wonders and reinvent your space with Wilcon.

You can visit any of their 73 stores nationwide for all your home, interior, and do-it-yourself needs, which all implement health protocols to keep customers and employees safe. They also offer pick-up and delivery for no-contact transactions.

The best part? You can also shop online and even go on a virtual tour where you can look around the store via messaging apps so you can see all the available products without having to leave home.

Ready for a change? Here are 11 ways you can use tiles to upgrade your space:

Get creative

Are plain tiles too bland for you? Go for patchwork tiles that are sure to spark a conversation the next time someone comes over. These tiles from Tesany (P1,875/box) come in several designs to get your creative juices flowing, allowing for an infinite arrangement of patterns, swirls, and more. Stick to a color scheme to keep it cohesive.

Clean lines

Subway tiles are a classic when it comes to minimalist and modern design. Cifre’s got Subway Tiles (P1,078/box) that will elevate your space and complement interiors and decor you may already have. Aside from that clean, bright look, subway tiles can also lessen visual clutter and will look good for years, even if your design philosophies change. The tiles come in white or gray so you can choose between an elegant finish or a more modern look.

Time for an accent wall

Accent walls can be intimidating if you’ve lived your whole life with just flat paint, but these tiles from NAXOS can make that shift more manageable. The embossed tiles channel industrial vibes in a cool gray tone, which look like artwork once the whole wall has been filled.

The vintage feel

Inject some character into your home with these Colonial Tiles by Cifre, which feature just the right balance of rustic and worn-out. This style utilizes faded color and crumpled textures to achieve that industrial or country look reminiscent of old homes that have stood the test of time. Consider this style if you’re looking to make a space feel more cozy yet still chic.

Luxe minus the hassle

Making your space look more upscale and luxurious can be done with tiles—check out these Mosaic Tiles (P620/each) by Picasso. Its glossy metallic finish is sure to stand out and bring the right amount of shine to any surface. The best part? The tiles are peel and stick so you don’t have to worry about exerting tons of effort to make your kitchen or bathroom look more luxe!

A bit of texture

Upgrade your plain walls with a bit of texture using these tiles from NAXOS. The tiles are subtle and fine, allowing you to create depth without attracting too much attention. To maintain visual harmony go for shades in the same color scheme as your space.

Floral touch

Break the monotony in a snap by using these floral tiles (P10,269/set) from Gardenia Orchidea in between your single-color tiles. The flowery design adds a unique touch to the usual plain wall, all the while keeping it subtle.

Go rustic

Nothing screams rustic quite like bricks and stones commonly found in outdoor spaces in vintage homes. If you want to achieve the same aged look, look no further than these Stone-effect Wall Tiles (P1,638/box) by Oset. The textured surface utilizes earth tones that can add warmth to any space.

Greyscale made fun

Switch up your minimalist space with these grayscale tiles from Valentia, which come in three shades you can play around. The three colors complement one another to create a multi-dimensional ambience that can fit right in with a variety of materials and textiles. Go for color-blocking or mix them up for an eclectic feel.

Color splash

Walls come to life with a dash of color and choosing the right shade can instantly liven up a room. These tiles (P2,616.01/box) by Herberia use saturated hues to bring the right vibrance to any surface, be it a gorgeous teal or a deep red. Use them as is for a dramatic look or pair with patterned styles or more simple tiles to create visual interest.

Why not both?

If you can’t choose between wood and patterned tiles, you can decide to keep both and go for a design that’s just the right dash of unique. These Wood-look Tiles (P2,982) by Grupo Halcon can bring the country warmth to your space.

Pair it with Patterned Tiles (P864/box) by Roman and you'll get a modern, experimental touch vibe that's good enough to 'gram!

Pro-tip: Keep your patterned choices in the same color scheme or temperature as your wood to create a smooth transition between the two styles. Warmer woods will look good with yellows and oranges, while woods on the gray end of the spectrum can temper even the coolest of blues and greens just right.

For more information about Wilcon, visit their official website, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

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