What's Your Color Personality? (Home Edition)

Let these four color personalities for your space express who you are

What's Your Color Personality? (Home Edition)

Colors add personality to a space. They also have their own personalities and help you express your own. 

What kind of personality do you want your space to reflect? These four color personalities from Boysen Color Trend 2015 can help you define the character you want your room to have.

NATURIST: Deep, Dewy, Earthy

You are a nature lover. You love the great outdoors, and being surrounded by trees and breathing in fresh air. You also love deep earth tones, lush forest greens, and the warmth of wood, which give you a sense of serenity. Bring the outdoors in, and at the same time give yourself that grounded feeling of being on your own turf: your home.

The Naturist palette can give a minimalist and industrial look some earthy charm.

KINETIC: Energetic, Exciting, Excited

You have a dynamic personality. You are also full of energy and passion, but you know how to strike a balance. You are energized by zesty oranges and yellows but temper these with cool grays and blues. You are always on the move, constantly taking on new challenges. Put this dynamism on display and energize others as well.

The Kinetic palette can turn a storefront into an eyecatching visual delight.

AVANT-GARDE: Bold, Edgy, Unconventional

You are a risk-taker. You push boundaries, break the rules, and live life on the edge. You enjoy mixing things up and adding a dash of quirk. Though your choices may seem unorthodox, they always work out in the end. You are confident in your decision; you don't need the color wheel as your compass.

The Avant-garde palette adds verve and spice to any space, inspiring creativity in a home office.

PERFECTIONIST: Simple, Subtle, Sophisticated

You want everything to be just right and mesh well. However, you're anything but boring; your sense of subtlety and self-assurance put others at ease. You go for subdued colors that come together for a look that's clean and crisp but also profound.

The Perfectionist palette makes this bedroom soothing, but it also adds depth and dimension to the design.

With Boysen Color Trend 2015, explore, experiment, and express yourself through the colors of your space. Boysen Color Trend 2015 is available in two finishes, Permacoat Semi-Gloss Latex Paint and Virtuoso Silk Touch with Teflon, at various Mix & Match stations nationwide.


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