These Self-Care Tips Just Might Help You Overcome Your WFH Challenges

Working from home need not be super stressful!

These Self-Care Tips Just Might Help You Overcome Your WFH Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused notable changes in the way we work. Most likely, you’d be working in your bed, at your dining table, or a small table around the corner of your homes, navigating new terrain in terms of how to get things done.

Yes, working from home is a good option as it offers the flexibility of working when you want, with no commute and fewer work distractions. However, this setup also comes with its own set of challenges.

Here are some of the challenges faced by remote workers and how you can cope with them.

1. Separation of Work & Home Life

Challenge: The WFH set-up has made work-life balance extra challenging especially when you can’t clearly define a boundary when to stop working, when to do the chores, attend to your child’s needs, and when to rest or give yourself #Metime. Failing to do so can hamper your mental health; most likely, you quickly get stressed, causing a decline in productivity and performance.

Solution: Work at defined times

Whether you have specific hours that you need to be working or want to set up your schedule, creating a routine can help you manage your time and focus better on your work. Try to experiment in making your work-from-home schedule to understand yourself. Don't get stressed when you're taking too long adapting to the new routine. Know that it may take a few weeks to months to acclimate to your new schedule.

2. Digital Communication

Challenge: Getting accustomed to technology is not a one-day process. It takes time. Now that we work through digital, the need to adapt quickly to this setup is a must. However, not all are well-rounded. Have you ever been frustrated because of shaky communication, a not-so-reliable internet, and having no social interaction? Then you’re not alone. These dilemmas also add to the stresses and fatigue remote workers face every day.

Solution: Connect with colleagues

If you’re feeling isolated working remotely, make an effort to connect with your friends and colleagues. Having a defined schedule for a random video chat/ group call is beneficial to remove that feeling of isolation. You can add a weekly session with your colleagues to your calendar or create a group chat to stay in touch with each other throughout the week.

3. Feeling of Isolation

Challenge: We are social beings, and we need interactions. We need that workmate 'chika' and lunch out or team huddle to keep us motivated at work. However, now that you are being cocooned at home, you can quickly feel isolation and loneliness. And sadly, loneliness contributes to poor outcomes for physical and mental health and productivity.

Solution: Practice Self-Care. Especially since you’re now working from home, it is crucial to prioritize self-care. Doing so may help you stay connected with yourself and better understand your needs in terms of work-life balance. You can practice self-care through the following:

  • Practice mindful breathing for 5 minutes
  • Do stretching
  • Exercise regularly to boost immunity
  • Declutter your physical and digital spaces to maintain clarity of mind
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